Xbox One Models Comparison – A Comprehensive Guide

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Omer Kaan Ayvaz

Microsoft released Xbox One version in 2013. To compete with PS4. Because of slower hardware and Kinect system, it cannot accomplish it.  That’s why Microsoft revised it in 2016. They developed Xbox One S. After that Microsoft released Xbox One X in 2017. All Xbox One Models are compatible with each other. All three Xbox One models owners can play the same games on their consoles. However, they have technological differences. In this article, we will make Xbox One Model Comparison. If you want to know which is for you, you should read this article.

Xbox One

As I said, the first Xbox One consoles were produced in 2013. Microsoft wants to compete with Sony with its technological advantages. That’s why they used Kinect to attract gamers. When the Kinect system was introduced, everyone was shocked. We can use gestures to control our Xbox in front of the screen. Despite the advantages, the first Xbox One has some drawbacks.

Xbox One was $100 more expensive than the PS4 with slower hardware. Gamers do not want to buy it. That’s why Microsoft changed Xbox One parts to eliminate price and performance differences. Updated Xbox One consoles that came with the Kinect increase production cost.

4k videos games become part of our life. We get used to it. If you buy a first Xbox One, you cannot play 4k games on your console. Despite support for 4k films, Xbox One supports 1080p60 games. That’s why you should not buy an Xbox One in 2021.

Xbox One S

Microsoft released Xbox One S in 2016. Microsoft did several improvements on Xbox One S. It comes with better hardware and is the reduced size which helps to storage the Xbox One S.

Xbox One comes with a processor which is %7 faster than the Xbox one processor. Also, Microsoft decided to make Xbox One S smaller than the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S is around %40 smaller than the old Xbox One. Also, Microsoft made the Xbox One S white.

The controller comes with Xbox One S was enhanced by Microsoft. They improved the Bluetooth connection. Also, they make it white too.

If you have a 4k Tv or monitor, you can play some game 4k resolution with your Xbox One S. However, Xbox One hardware is not powerful for 4k games. Because of heat issues, if you want to play all games in 4k, you should not buy it.

Different Xbox One Model: Xbox One S- Digital Edition

Microsoft introduced Xbox One S Digital Edition in 2019. Xbox One S is different from other Xbox One models. Because it hasn’t a disc drive. When you want to play games on your Xbox One S, You need to download your games online.

Xbox One S Digital Edition makes gamers happy. Because they come with three free games: Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of thieves.

Xbox One S Digital Edition has one big difference from Xbox One S. The big difference is the lack of an optical disc reader. Other components are the same.

Winner of Xbox One Model Comparison: Xbox One X

Xbox One X was released in 2017. However, it is the most powerful Xbox One model. That’s why Gamers who want to play 4k games should buy an Xbox One X. Because Xbox One X is the most powerful Xbox One Console. It comes with enhanced hardware. It has 12 Gb gddr5 memory and 6 teraflop GPU.

The Xbox One X is 4.5 times more powerful than Xbox One. Also, Xbox One X has amazing capabilities. Instead of using HDR, Xbox One X uses the FPS boost. With the FPS boost, gamers can play 120 FPS games. In addition, Xbox One X supports VR technology. You can play VR games with your Xbox One X.

With our Xbox One Model Comparison, you will choose the best Xbox One for yourself.