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Apple TV is coming to Xbox consoles — the irony

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Shawn Farner

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Have you ever thought of a good comeback hours after you should’ve said it? Perhaps that’s the position Microsoft is in now. The company announced today that Apple TV is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Apple TV includes Apple’s own video storefront and its streaming service, Apple TV+.

Yes, Apple has a streaming service that’ll soon be available on Xbox consoles. If you’re a fan of Xbox — and if you’re here, you probably are — you might be wondering where the quid pro quo is at. To be more blunt: how is Apple TV+ allowed on Xbox, yet xCloud isn’t allowed on iOS?

There are a few ways Microsoft could’ve gone at this. When asked to host Apple TV, Microsoft could’ve said no. Or, in a scrumptious twist, Microsoft could’ve said yes, but required that every single piece of media be reviewed individually prior to it being sold or streamed. That would’ve been consistent with the way Apple has treated game streaming services on its own platform.

Alas, it looks like Microsoft is taking the path of more openness and less pettiness. Those with Xbox Ones, or those planning to pick up an Xbox Series X or S sometime soon, will be able to watch Ted Lasso while still getting their party invites, which is all anyone can ask for, really.

As Microsoft itself states in its post, “Eight days to go until you can experience everything we have in store for the next generation of gaming.” Buckle up.

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