About Core Xbox

Core Xbox covers news, offers analysis, and shares deals for all things gaming and tech. And yeah, there’s some fun stuff in here, too. The site was born out of our desire to cover what we want, which means you’ll see everything from the biggest stories rocking the world of gaming and tech.

1. We are a fan site focused on gaming and tech. We are not a fanboy website.

A lot of people play video games on multiple platforms. There’s nothing wrong with that. We happen to own not only Xboxes, but PlayStations, Nintendo consoles, and PCs, too. Every platform brings something to the table. Each deserves some kudos in its own way.

Core Xbox does not engage in Nintendo, PlayStation, or PC bashing. No articles will take on that tone, and we reserve the right to delete any comments that “troll” other gaming machines and their owners.

We’ll also take Microsoft and the Xbox team to task when it’s deserved. If you want a “sunshine and rainbows” view of the world — this isn’t the site for you. If you want a fair look at what gaming and tech is doing and analysis on how it’ll affect the gaming industry at large, we’re glad to have you.

2. We filter out garbage rumors.

Video game rumors are a dime a dozen on the internet, and most of them are trash. Some news outlets tend to give these more credit than they’re owed. Core Xbox will not.

If a rumor seems too good to be true, is poorly sourced, or generally doesn’t have the ring of truth to it, we will not write about it, period. Yes, that means we’ll be giving up a whole lot of easy clicks. But we think this’ll end up making for a much happier and better-informed readership as a result.

3. We are focused on gaming.

If you visit our website, you’re probably doing so because you want video game news. You want updates on consoles and games.

That’s pretty much it. Core Xbox won’t suddenly start covering WWE or start dumping Marvel movie previews on you. What you’ll find here is gaming and tech stuff and nothing else.

Ethics, Disclosures, and Corrections

Core Xbox will disclose any potential conflicts of interest in coverage, and will disclose in preview or review content if a game was provided for free by a developer or publisher. Any substantial corrections (i.e. something larger than a mere typo) will be highlighted at the end of an article.

(Revised Jan. 11, 2021)

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