Is Mass Effect on Xbox Game Pass More Profitable?

Is Mass Effect on Xbox Game Pass More Profitable?
Mass Effect 1,2,3

Mass Effect on Xbox Game Pass might be a more profitable option than Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. It is available now after a long period of waiting. The package includes the entire trilogy and this is good news. However, the game is a little pricey and everyone can’t afford that. That’s why Mass Effect might be a better option. It is available on Xbox consoles and PC through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Advantages of Backward Compatibility

Mass Effect‘s Xbox 360 version has been a part of Game Pass for a long time. That’s because of Microsoft’s feature of backward compatibility. The next two entries were added to Game Pass Ultimate in November 2020 too. As a result, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have had access to the entire trilogy just a couple of days after the Legendary Edition was announced. However, subscribers may not have all the improvements Legendary Edition owners have.

The good news is, new Game Pass subscribers can take advantage of introductory offers from Microsoft. This offer allows you to access the trilogy at a cheaper price. Microsoft is currently running a promotion, three months for $1.

360 games may not have the upgrades Legendary Edition has. Nevertheless, there are many improvements in the original trilogy on the new Xbox Series S/X consoles. Backward compatibility feature includes improved frame rates, higher resolution, and auto HDR option for Xbox 360 games. Also, players who saved their progress of Xbox 360 in the cloud can continue playing from where they left off.

Access the Trilogy With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

There might be some downsides to playing the game 360 via Game Pass Ultimate. As we all know, the game is a little old and it will be visible even on next-gen consoles. You might face some visual aesthetic issues which were solved in Legendary Edition. However, the option of accessing the trilogy via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate still seems like a more profitable option. Furthermore, Legendary Edition will eventually come to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It might be a better choice to wait until it is released.

What do you think about this alternative? Is it a good idea to be a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to enjoy Mass Effect? Let us know in the comments.

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