When is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Xbox Consoles?

When is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Xbox Consoles?
Microsoft Flight Simulator

What is the release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox version? Will the immersive flight simulator be available for Xbox console owners?

Microsoft Flight Simulator also known as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 came out for Microsoft Windows on August 18, 2020. One of the flagship titles of the tech giant introduces an amazing technology that allows the game to receive data from earth’s topography. The game analyzes buildings, trees and many other scenes with the help of Azure cloud and AI.

Developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store. It has received a new update which reduced its file size by a whopping 90 GB. That being said, the console players are also expecting to tour the world with amazing photorealistic planes.

Flight Simulator received lots of appreciation from around the world. With the new updates, the immersive simulation game also added new airports, buildings and many more to its arsenal. But the console players have been expecting the game to be available on other platforms since the release date. So when is Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox?

Microsoft Flight Simulator will land on Xbox Series X|S this summer

Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann stated that the game will welcome new pilots in Summer 2021. There has not been an official announcement revealing the exact release date. But we know that Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive on Series X|S this year.

The last member of Flight Simulator is going to be on Xbox Game Pass on the same day that it launches. Though we do not know whether the game is going to be available on Xbox One. The statement on the official website says that the game can be experienced on PC and it is also coming to the new generation of Xbox consoles.

Although owners of the console had their hopes up after seeing an Xbox One rating a year ago, Microsoft has not made an official announcement. This might mean that Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox One version is not going to happen. Considering the astronomical file size of the game along with 3D photorealistic models, simulated topography and more, Xbox One might not be powerful enough to run the game.

When is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Xbox Consoles?
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Console owners should not worry though, as summer is right at the door and we might hear the exact release date soon. The technology giant should also reveal whether the game is coming to Xbox One as well.

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