You can Now Fly through Hurricane Ida with Microsoft Flight Simulator

You can Now Fly through Hurricane Ida with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today, we found a story showing how video game simulations are being used as educational tools. Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to adjust the weather conditions, so that Hurricane Ida can be replicated in-game. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now a place you can see what’s going on as hurricane Ida ravages Lousiana’s coast this week.

Hurricane Ida was an active tropical storm and became the second-most intense hurricane to hit Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina. It tied for the most landfalls in Louisiana by maximum winds with Hurricane Laura and the 1856 Last Island hurricane.

Damien Cuzacq, the Game Design Director at Asobo Studio on Microsoft Flight Simulator explains how this works in a YouTube video. Essentually the real-time weather system works due to a partnership with the NAVBLUE Flight software company.

Microsoft Flight Simulator uses Data from NAVBLUE To make the weather systems as accurate as possible and Asobo will update in-game navigation data every 28 days for restricted airspaces.

The footage was shared below by Danny Pena, a Twitter user and founder & host @gamertagradio.

How do you view Hurricane Ida in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Try it out if you haven’t already. If you have  Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X Series S, Series S, and PC you can see the storm right away by installing the game and flying over to Lousiana.

Hurricane Ida in Microsoft Flight Simulator (Video)

About Microsoft Flight Simulator

The legendary Microsoft Flight Simulator, one of the most loved games, is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Since July 27, the game is available on Xbox Game Pass. This simulation game was created by Microsoft in 1982 and is truly a legend.

The game has been around for a long time and Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 was launched in 1982 by Microsoft. However, You could not play anywhere on the globe, even if you cannot fly over all of the country. Only certain cities can be reached by the simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 allows you to simulate flying over the entire globe. This game is extremely exciting, and you can now play it on Xbox Series X/S.

We hope and pray everyone affected by Hurricane Ida finds safety and hope through this tragic event. Please reference the official FEMA website for updates on Hurriane Ida

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