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Song Of Horror Is Now Available on Xbox Consoles

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Ruken Can Dönmez

Song Of Horror is now available to play on Xbox consoles. It is a Lovecraftian survival horror game and is a unique member of the genre.

There are a lot of gamers who are fans of horror games. As being one of the last released titles of May, fans will definitely be satisfied with Song Of Horror. It is available now with the potential of being a classic.

Synopsis: “You begin the game by investigating the suspicious disappearance of the famous author Sebastian P. Husher, and his family. In addition, the mystery grows larger with an assistant being vanished in Husher’s house. All in all, you find out that these disappearances are caused by a dark entity. The Presence is the force behind this mystery.”

Song Of Horror Is Now Available on Xbox
Song Of Horror Is Now Available on Xbox

Gameplay and Details of Song of Horror

The most valuable feature of the game is definitely The Presence. It is controlled by an AI and it is a good one. The entity adapts to your moves and decisions. That feature keeps the tension high during the experience. Also, this makes the fear factor more natural and raw.

More About the Characters

You can see the story from different characters’ eyes. By that, you can see different aspects of the investigation and look at it from other angles too. Each character has different characteristics, such as more information about the investigation or effectiveness against the supernatural. One thing is the same though, they are all in danger because of The Presence. There is one other crucial thing that death is permanent for all of them.

Locations and Environment

Song Of Horror includes almost every crucial element of the genre. You can see an abandoned mental hospital, a creepy antique shop, or a forgotten street in the game. You will also see a lot of puzzles to solve and items so you can uncover the mysteries in the environment. The game collects more points with this feature too.

It is always exciting to see more horror games keep coming. If you’re a fan of the genre, you should absolutely take a look at Song Of Horror as it is available on Xbox consoles now.