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Microsoft Xbox Official Wireless Headset Review

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Ruken Can Dönmez

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset has been on the gaming field for some time and needs a review. This headset is one step ahead of its classmates. It is an official product and a promising device for all gamers who’d like to use a compatible headset with their Xbox. Make sure you get this headset so you will sound crystal clear on your favorite discord server.

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset has a clear name and simple premise. It’s a gaming headset that uses Xbox Wireless for connection. There are some other headsets that use this method too but this one has a plus: It is an official product.

What Does Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset Offer?

Let’s start with the aim of this headset. It is created for gamers who own Xbox consoles and people who need a headset that works wirelessly on multiple platforms. This is a wireless gaming headset built for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. 

The material is plastic and the headset weighs 310 grams in total. It might sound heavy but it doesn’t cause any discomfort in use. The earpads are thick and covered in soft leather-like material. This feature provides a good seal and sound insulation. The headband is a little tight, especially for the first time. But it loosens after a couple of times.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset

The circular side panels of the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset function as knobs to control game/chat balance and headphone volume. The headset also features buttons for pairing and muting the microphone along the bottom edge of the left headphone. You’re unlikely to accidentally click the wrong one as two buttons are located perfectly and feel different to touch. The microphone picks up the sound pretty without any background noises.

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset is built to connect to Xbox consoles via the Xbox Wireless connection method. All you have to do is pair with your console, and you’re done. However, if you’d like to use this headset on your PC, you need to buy an Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Do You Need to Buy It?

It definitely is a product worth its price. Of course, there are some other options you can be very happy with. But if you don’t want the struggle of searching and the effort for a decent connection on your console, this one is a great choice. It offers quality and a really good price. Using Xbox Wireless is a big plus too.

If you have another headset and want to know the ways to connect, you can take a look at this article to find out.

Do you have this headset? What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.