Best Xbox Series X Accessories to Order Now

Best Xbox Series X Accessories to Order Now
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is the latest generation console. It comes up with powerful processors to improve your gaming experience. However, we cannot say the same thing for the accessories which come with the Xbox Series X console. If you got a brand new Xbox Series X soon, you might look at Xbox Series X accessories to enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we listed some of our favorite Xbox accessories that can improve your gaming experience.

Innovative controller for Xbox Series X

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t change the controller for the Xbox Series X. When you open the Xbox Series X box, you find the old Xbox Series One controller. The old Xbox controller affects our gaming experience badly. If we want to increase our gaming experience, we should start with the Xbox controller. We recommend checking out the next-generation Xbox controller: Scuf Instinct Pro. With Scuf Instinct Pro, players will experience unique functions:

  • Players can change thumbstick for greater precision or faster speed.
  • Rear remappable paddles have three configuration profiles for different games.
  • It has switchable instant triggers
  • It has a non-slip performance grip

Those properties make Scuff instinct pro the most innovative Xbox controller. However, It has a drawback; Price. If the price is no problem for you, you can check out  Scuff instinct pro with this link.

Storage Expansion Card

If you are a gamer who has an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you might want to buy an expansion card for your Xbox Series X.  With the new technology, game developers add a lot of futures to their game. These features create a huge amount of data. Because of game data, people encounter problems when they are trying to store their games on Xbox Series X. Because of the Microsoft strict policy, there is one option to expand storage Xbox Series XXbox Series X owners can use Seagate Expansion Card for enhancing their Xbox memory. You can check out this link.

Charging station for Xbox controller

Because of the old technology, Microsoft controllers still use two AA-size batteries. They consume those AA-size batteries quickly. When your battery supply finishes late at night, it creates a problem. That’s why people who encounter problems with consumable batteries change consumable batteries with rechargeable ones. However, this created another problem. Rechargeable batteries constantly need to be charged. If people forget to charge batteries, they need to wait to charge in the middle of the game. The most appropriate solution for this problem is the Dual Charging Station for Xbox. If you want to obtain one of them, you can buy it with this link.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset

If you play PVP games regularly, hearing game sounds is important. That’s why headphones play a key role in PVP games. Your headphone should not have latency. That’s why we strongly recommend buying a Microsoft Wireless Headset. Xbox Series X and Microsoft Xbox Wireless headset use the same Bluetooth chip. That’s why they work fine together.  You cannot experience any latency issues with Xbox Wireless Headset.

That’s it. We listed four Xbox accessories that can increase your gaming experience. If you want to recommend different Xbox accessories, you can write them in the comment section.

Do you find this guide helpful? If you found it beneficial, you can check out our detailed articles.

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