The Best Xbox One Accessories for 2022

New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced
New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced

Xbox One is the most popular gaming console. Most people have liked it. That’s why it has sold over 50 million units. Because of the Xbox X shortage, many people are buying it as a new console.  However, Xbox One is an old-fashioned gaming console. People want to make it more functional. If you are one of them, you may want to Xbox One accessories. Now, we highlight some Xbox One accessories list for you. With these accessories, you will enhance the capabilities of your Xbox One.

Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller

Elite Series 2 controller creates different emotions when you start to play your games with it. Its’ design depends on the original Xbox One controller. However, it can customize. Elite Series 2 Controllers come with spare parts. Elite Series 2’s spare parts include six thumbsticks; standard, tall and classic types. Also, Elite Series 2’s spare parts include four pads and two D-pads.

Furthermore, people can customize Elite Series 2 controller with the customization software. We said that Elite Series 2 includes four extra paddles. They can program for specific operations like Fortnite dance.

Elite Series 2 includes amazing features as Xbox One Accessory. However, ıt has a drawback, price. It comes with a high price tag. That’s why some people cannot afford it. It is worth it if you are planing the use every function of the Elite Series 2 controller.

Seagate Game Drive CyberPunk 2077 Special Edition

Xbox One is a good gaming console. But it is a little bit old. It still requires around 200 gigabytes of space for system files. If we think that It comes with one terabyte capacity, we will see 800 gigabytes not enough for the latest console games. Storing files is a problem for Xbox One. That’s why gamers want to extend it. The best way to do it is by buying an external storage device as Xbox One Accessory.

Seagate Game Drive CyberPunk 2077 Special Edition adds two terabyte storage capacity is a hard disk drive. It comes to mean, it is slower than solid-state drives. However, it is enough to run the games  Also, it is cheaper than the solid-state hard disk drive. That’s why people want to buy it.

Xbox One Play And Charge Kit

We said that Xbox One is an old gaming console. That’s why Its controller runs with a pair of AA batteries. Using AA batteries is an insufficient way to use the Xbox One Controller. Because controllers need a lot of power. That’s why a pair of batteries runs up quickly. People need to pay a lot of money to buy new a pair of AA batteries Also, dead batteries affect the environment badly.

Play and Charge kits offer 30 hours of playtime for gamers with 1400 milliampere lithium batteries. Also, gamers can plug the battery with the 9-foot mini USB charging cable.

PDP Talon Xbox One Remote Control

People who use Xbox One wants to use it as a media station. They want to use it to watch Netflix or listen to music. That’s why PDP create Xbox One Remote Control. It can use as a console controller and It can use as a smart TV remote control.

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