Xbox Controller Firmware Update (Xbox One, Elite 2 and Adaptive Controllers)

Xbox Controller Firmware Update (Xbox One, Elite 2 and Adaptive Controllers)

Microsoft has begun testing a new firmware version for its Xbox One, Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers according to a post on their official blog. This update should significantly improve cross-device connectivity and Xbox users will see huge improvements in gaming quality.

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Xbox Elite 2 Controller

Designed to meet the needs of today’s competitive gamers, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 features over 30 new ways to play like a pro. Enhance your aiming with new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, fire even faster with shorter hair trigger locks, and stay on target with a wrap-around rubberized grip. –

Xbox Adaptive Controllers

Designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a unified hub for devices that helps make gaming more accessible.

Connect external devices such as switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks to create a custom controller experience that is uniquely yours. Button, thumbstick and trigger inputs are controlled with assistive devices (sold separately) connected through 3.5mm jacks and USB ports.

So Microsoft has released a new update for the Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead branch and Alpha Insider branch, which are used to test future updates to the console platform. Should you be excited for what is to come?

What was included in the Xbox Controller Update?

Improved cross-device connectivity

These Xbox controllers are now compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows for greater compatibility between devices and better pairing experiences. Play wirelessly on Windows 10 PCs and Android devices with Bluetooth low energy for remote play or cloud gaming. These controllers will be able to remember one Bluetooth host (e.g. smartphone) and one Xbox Wireless hosts (e.g. Xbox console). This allows you to quickly and seamlessly switch between connected devices by simply double-tapping the pair button.

Modern accessories and devices now have this level of connectivity and compatibility. The controller will become the common point of contact for all your Xbox games, across all devices. Xbox controllers must work on both Xbox consoles as well as Bluetooth devices. We want to expand Xbox gaming beyond the console. It is important that they are easy to move between devices.

Low Latency

This firmware update introduces Dynamic Latency Iput (DLI) to these controllers. S console for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action.

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