Best Discovery and Exploration Games on Xbox

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

What are the best discovery and exploration games that you can play on Xbox consoles? Here are some awesome titles that offer a sense of discovery.

Games with exploration themes invite players to worlds filled with mysteries: The player progresses through unraveling these mysteries and finding new ones. As they might offer something new behind every corner, the player is always tempted to go and wander around to explore further. This amazing feeling is the winner feature of exploration games. You never know what you might find behind that door. It might be a chest full of treasures but it might also be a beast waiting to prowl on you.

Regardless of your findings, it is safe to say that titles like these can leave lasting experiences and offer great gameplay sessions. They are especially a medicine to the overwhelming trivial matters of our daily lives. So, what are the best exploration games on Xbox?

Best Games With a Sense of Exploration

A great discovery game must offer unique content and prioritize quality instead of quantity. That’s why some open-world games with a ton of activities to do receive negative reviews from players. An outpost raid, for example, should have its own traits that are different from the others instead of being added to various places on the map. After all, the player does the same thing in a repetitive manner and knows what they are going to find in an event like this.

Instead of grinding this type of open-world activity, gamers prefer finding new landmarks that offer unique dangers and rewards. While it is quite difficult to create such a world that is filled with content, it is definitely not impossible. Not many titles manage to meet this standard. That’s why we came up with the games that do it best.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls redefines the concept of “difficulty” in games with high-risk combat that also offers high rewards. It does not help players in any way and leaves them in the middle of a cursed and desperate land. There are no right or wrong directions so that the player is encouraged to go and explore.

You never know what lies behind the wall of fog and what expects you in the forgotten depths. That’s why Dark Souls is one of the most amazing and special franchises in the world of video games.


Subnautica invites players to an ocean planet inhabited by awesome creatures and horrifying sea beasts. The game offers such an amazing feeling of exploration that it is considered addictive by most players. The core of the gameplay and the supporting content is combined so well that you will never want to leave the game.

No Man’s Sky

Even though the launch of No Man’s Sky was nothing more than a disaster, the developers proved that every failed project can be salvaged. Now with a massive comeback, No Man’s Sky became the pinnacle of exploration games that offer long hours of amazing gameplay. The game is filled with numerous planets waiting to be discovered.

Fallout 4

As the last single-player member of the franchise, Fallout 4 invited players to the post-nuclear Boston. Players are free to roam around the wasteland that is filled with interesting characters, long questlines, and hostile factions. Like other games in this list, Fallout 4 does an amazing job of awaking the sense of exploration.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The last member of the Dragon Age series is an amazing game that successfully refines its critically acclaimed predecessor Dragon Age: Origins. Save the land with your group of 4 heroes, bandits or magicians as the Chosen One. You are the bulwark against the Blight that is threatening the world around you.

The Witcher 3

One of the best games we have seen in the history of gaming, The Witcher 3 does not need any introduction. Assume the role of a conflicted monster hunter and go on a long journey on The Continent. The Destiny awaits you as well as dangers, monsters that mean no harm and humans with the aim of seizing the world. There are no blacks or whites in this grey world that awaits you, as you become Geralt of Rivia.

Well, these are some of the best exploration games on Xbox that will help you forget about the mundane reality. Hope you find what you are looking for in these immense worlds.