Craftopia Game Preview Now on Xbox Game Pass

Craftopia Game Preview Now on Xbox Game Pass

Craftopia (Game Preview), is a brand new open world survival game is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Remember, this is the preview version.

Right now you can play it on Steam for multiplayer that was developed by Pocketpair in Japan and released on September 4th, 2020 . Pocketpair wanted to create a game that combined features from different games and genres into one experience. I am getting a Harvest Moon mixed with Monster Hunter mixed with Breath of the Wild Mixed with Pokemon vibe and boy do i like it.

These features include farming (20+ crops), hack-and slash combat, building, and automation. Craftopia allows you to explore the vastness of the world and accomplish anything you can think of!

You can cultivate and harvest your crops or explore dungeons to find loot, just like in our hack-and-slash favorite games. You can hunt monsters and other creatures inspired by Japan’s popular monster hunting game. If swords don’t work, you can cast magical spells like fantasy RPGs.

Don’t be discouraged if all this sounds overwhelming. With machines and some ingenuity, you can automate tasks to run your factory efficiently. We are creating a utopia that is accessible to all. Craftopia is that utopia!

Craftopia Official Game Preview Video

Combine Great Games = Craftopia

When Takuro Mizobe and the PocketPair Studio imagined Craftopia they wanted a combination of their favorite features from their favorite video games. 

One of the the best things about the game is the ability to travel the world and discover secrets. You can also fight against hunger and the elements, which are all great survival features that they wanted to add in.

Craftoipia Review (According to Steam)

Great game. Killing animal, fighting boss, level up your character and gear. Make your own evil animal (or human) breeding and butcher line.

But the down side is they don’t let you fully auto everything. The duration on animal breeding and vehicle should be cancel.

And the material for endgame gear need too much, Can you make it to Terraria standard, like 3-5 boss? Not 3 boss drop 1 of them and you need 9 more. Enchanting are really bad too. you need too much to enchant 1 item.

Craftopia Features

  • Chopping Trees
  • Mining Stones
  • Essential resource gathering from sandbox games.
  • Exploration and discovery
  • Vehiches like hoverboards, motorbikes, helicopters, automobiles, biplanes, tanks, air balloons and machinery
  • Skill tree of 100+ skills
  • Specialize your character class (jobs, skills, combat)
  • Build factories, explore dungeons, catch fish (30+ species)
  • Multiplayer

Languages Supported (According to Steam)

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

On the official Discord, you can share your thoughts and suggestions with the developers.

Craftopia will be available today as an Xbox Game Preview title. The team still has many ideas and projects they would like to develop for Craftopia. Based on feedback from players, they will keep improving the game to be the best it can.

Some comments on YouTube show skepticism that this game is “copying” other titles IP. Time will tell how it all pans out!



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