Best Turn-Based Strategy Games on Xbox One

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Here are some of the best turn-based strategy games on Xbox One. These games will test your strategy skills.

The strategy genre has many other subgenres. From games that offer real-time combat to titles that come with turn-based elements. In this post, we listed some of the best turn-based strategy games that you can play on your Xbox One.

Unlike their counterparts, turn-based games offer much slower combat gameplay that allows players to analyze their moves. In games like these, every decision plays a crucial part in achieving victory. Players have to focus on what might their enemies do. While in the RTS games, it is a matter of faster reaction and on-point decision-making. So what are the best examples of TPS games?

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Mechanicus is not only one of the best turn-based strategy games on this list. But it is also one of the best Warhammer 40,000 games that you can play on Xbox One. The game invites you to lead a cohort of Adeptus Mechanicus, one of the most mysterious units of the Imperium. Your task is to ensure that the Mechanicus continues its exploration of various sectors. You have the best units that the division has. Know that all Xenos must be exterminated as the galaxy is humanity’s birthright.

King’s Bounty II

King bounty II is the long-awaited sequel to the successful turn-based RPG. The game calls players to relive an epic saga in the world of Antara. The tactical RPG offers everything you would like to see in a turn-based strategy game as it tests your decision-making and strategy skills. Create your party, make difficult decisions and go on an amazing journey. Thanks to its great RPG elements; King’s Bounty II will keep you occupied for a long amount of time.


There is no doubt that the XCOM franchise is the best in the world of turn-based strategy games. XCOM does not only define the genre but it also update itself with every game. From graphics to UI, gameplay to design, these amazing games offer the ultimate strategy experience. And the long-awaited sequel upgrades its predecessors in many aspects.

As the leader of the XCOM organization, your task is to save the earth from an alien invasion. Every operation is crucial to your success and every soldier in your operation is vital for the mission. XCOM 2 has such immersive gameplay that you will not feel like you are playing on the same map over and over again. The game also does a great job in terms of enemy variety. If you want the real turn-based strategy experience, look nowhere else.

John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex allows players to assume the role of John Wick, a professional hitman who is also known as Baba Yaga. The game depicts the thrilling world of John Wick and formats everything in turn-based strategy elements. Players need to make solid decisions and analyze their opportunities before making their moves. Think like John Wick make use of your surroundings to eliminate threats.


Othercide combines a dark and unsettling design with unique features that make it stand out in the turn-based strategy genre. Your task is to preserve humanity’s last hope as you lead Daughters against the demons. Every combat in Othercide will test your strategy skills while also keeping you invested in the story with a deep narrative. In a desperate world filled with horrors, you are the last bulwark of humanity against the unleashed horde of demons.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

One of the best video game series in the strategy genre, Civilization VI enhances the proven formula of its predecessors. The sixth mainline entry to the franchise offers the ultimate strategy experience. Your mission is to lead your nation to victory while also ensuring its cultural and military advancements. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI also introduces the most influential leaders of our history.

Well, these are some of the best turn-based strategy games on Xbox One. If you are still on last-generation and looking for a solid strategy game to bury hundreds of hours, these are the best.

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