Best Base Building Games on Xbox One That You Need to Play

Best Base Building Games on Xbox One

What are the best base building games on Xbox One? We have listed some of the best titles in the base management and strategy genre.

Base building and managing games are some of the most fun games out there. You might spend hundreds of hours on games like these to optimize your base and complete its requirements. It is all fun and flowers until something goes wrong in your base. Then you spend even more time to make it right and upgrade it even more. This cycle is the main element of games like these and that’s why they are always fun to play. So what are the best base building games that you can play on your Xbox One?

Fallout 4

The fourth installment of Bethesda‘s brilliant post-apocalyptic RPG offers the ultimate base building experience. Although it is an RPG with hundreds of amazing quests, Fallout 4 also has a side where you can build the ultimate base on a nuclear wasteland. You can also gain survivors and recruit soldiers to further upgrade your hold. So we can say that it is actually a good managing and building game on Xbox One.

Conan Exiles

Now enhanced for Xbox Series X|S, Conan Exiles invites you to the lands of Conan where you are able to interact with other players. Your mission is to survive against the dangers of the land while also trying to build and expand your clan. Build bases, wage wars and manage your hold.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a rather unusual game where you need to focus on the problems concerning a graveyard. The players manage their own graveyards and can also expand their reach. The managing sim is amazing if you have a specific interest in medieval cemeteries.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a great farming and ranch managing game that you can play on your Xbox One console. You, as the Slime Rancher is tasked with gathering slimes and tend to their needs. The game offers long hours of amazing gameplay that you won’t probably stop playing.


Welcome to a frozen world where you lead a colony of survivors through building, managing, and decision-making. Frostpunk gives players a chance to be the leader of a colony threatened by the deadly cold. You need to build your base and meet their requirements so that the survivors don’t lose their lives.


There is so much to tell about Minecraft. It is the game that took the world by storm. It is still probably the most popular title in the world of video games. And of course, in a game like Minecraft, base building is one of many things that you can do.

Well, if you are looking for a game with strategy and management elements here are some of the best base building games on Xbox One that you can play.

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