Minecraft Underwater Base Build (Instructions & Materials)

Minecraft Underwater Base Build (Instructions & Materials)
Minecraft Underwater

Today we are featuring an extremely talented Minecraft architect group known as MarchiWORX who create incredible Minecraft structures. Let’s take a look at their Minecraft Underwater Base Tutorial video. We came across Michael Burt, the founder while cruising around some Minecraft Facebook groups and this build was too good not to post!

After looking at the materials list below and studying the floor plan/3D Diagram, you will be ready to start building. Michael makes it look all too easy in the video and the beauty of Minecraft is that any creator can always add their own touch.

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Minecraft Underwater Base Video Guide

Steps & Tips

  1. Get started by building the Structure of the Design including the skeletal frame, framed hollow cubes, floor and roof. (There is a 5-block difference between each column and beam of the skeletal frame)
  2. There is a 7-Blocks difference between each column and beam of the framed hollow cubes
  3. When you have the structures in place, its time to CLAD the facades of the build.
  4. Add Detail to the structure (tourches, plant life, whatever else you want)
  5. You may need to break a few walls out to connect the modules with glass passages
  6. Now it’s time to move on to interior (use your imagination)
  7. Enjoy your new Minecraft Underwater Base

Material List (Item and Amount)

  • Glass 400
  • Prismarine Bricks 277
  • Smooth Quartz Block 276
  • Dark Prismarine Stairs 240
  • Iron Trapdoor 76
  • Prismarine Wall 60
  • Lantern 56
  • Dark Prismarine Slab 46
  • Scaffolding 24
  • Sea Lantern 24
  • Sugar Cane 20
  • Carror 16
  • Stone Button 16
  • Bookshelf 15
  • Dark Prismarine 12
  • Chest 10
  • Poppy 8
  • Barrel 5
  • Prismarine Brick Slab 3
  • Red Bed 3
  • Dark Oak Trapdoor 2
  • Flower Pot 2
  • Furnace 2
  • Lily of the Valley 2
  • Spruce Trapdoor 2
  • Anvil 1
  • Crafting Table 1
  • Grindstone 1
  • Oak Trapdoor 1
  • Stonecutter 1

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