Minecraft MrBeast House Build (Instructions and Materials)

MrBeast, we hope you see this.

Hello and welcome to another Minecraft House Build Tutorial in partnership with our friends at MarchiWORX. Michael Burt is a professional architect and in this video he will show you how to build his version of Mr Beast’s Modern House in Minecraft.

We will be following an architectural design process in this tutorial. Please note that the design has slightly been altered and enhanced by incorporating a few structural and decoration details.

In this Minecraft House Build Tutorial we will build a Minecraft version of Mr Beast’s Modern House with ease. The video guide will show all the materials needed, instructions and tips for a perfect build.

Who is MrBeast?

American YouTuber, businessman and philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson was born May 7, 1998. He is known for creating a new genre of YouTube videos that focus on expensive stunts. He is also the co-creator and founder of MrBeast Burger, as well as Team Trees, an Arbor Day Foundation fundraiser that has raised more than $23 million. Night Media, a Dallas-based talent management firm, manages him.

Donaldson’s videos are known for their attention-grabbing stunts. He hosts contests in games like Minecraft for large prizes, including donating a home in one of his gaming videos.

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Minecraft MrBeast House Materials and Amounts

  • Gray Concrete 165
  • Smooth Quartz Block 52
  • Glass Pane 51
  • Oak Plants 44
  • Smooth Quartz Stairs 44
  • Oak Leaves 22
  • Oak Trapdoor 22
  • Oak Slab 20
  • Oak Stairs 14
  • End Rod 12
  • Scaffolding 8
  • Barrel 6
  • Chest 6
  • Snow 6
  • Andesite Wall 5
  • Chain 5
  • Flower Pot 5
  • Glass 5
  • Iron Bars 5
  • Lantern 5
  • Sea Lantern 5
  • Dead Bush 4
  • Dead Horn Coral Fan 4
  • Sugar Cane 4
  • White Banner 4
  • Grass Block 2
  • Stone Button 2
  • Bamboo 1
  • Crafting Table 1
  • Dark Oak Door 1
  • Furnace 1
  • Grindstone 1
  • Iron Door 1
  • Red Bed 1
  • Stonecutter 1

Steps Summarized

  1. Ground Floor Plan
  2. First Floor Plan
  3. The Foundation
  4. Bottom Floor Foundation
  5. First Floor Foundation
  6. Walls and Columns
  7. The Roof
  8. Exterior Design Cladding
  9. Detail and Decoration
  10. Landscape and Design
  11. Interior Design
  12. Build the interior

We hope you enjoyed this build and we look forward to seeing more from the team at MarchiWORX featured here on Core Xbox.

About Minecraft

Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game developer, has created Minecraft. Markus “Notch”, Persson created the game in Java programming language.

After several private beta testing, the game was made publicly in May 2009. It was then released in full in November 2011. Jens Bergensten took over development. Minecraft has been port to many other platforms, and is now the most popular video game ever. It has sold over 200 million copies and had 126 million active monthly users as of 2020.

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