Minecraft Small Modern Mansion Build (Instructions & Materials)

minecraft small modern mansion build

It’s an excellent day to feature our favorite Minecraft Arcitect MarchiWORX with their Modern Mansion Build. You may not have a Mansion in real life but at least you can create one with relative ease in the world of Minecraft. In the video, you will see a detailed floor plan which you should first study before starting the build.

If you want to see some more amazing Minecraft build’s just check out their YouTube channel. Core Xbox also recently featured MarchiWORX on their Minecraft Underwater Base Build.

Minecraft Modern Mansion Build Video Guide

General Steps & Tips Summary

  1. Set up the foundation and walls.
  2. Start building the structure (walls, floor and roof). Start with the ground floor, moving up
  3. Lay the floor blocks down to fill in the floor foundation
  4. Build the first floor across and attach to the other side
  5. Build the walls again on both sides
  6. Lay the floor down once again
  7. Build the walls for the next floor (repeating the same process)
  8. Lay the roof down
  9. Continue with the cladding of the structure, detail’s and decorations.
  10. Do any landscaping that suits the look
  11. Lay down all the interior design blocks and you are done!
  12. Enjoy the finished build!

Material List (Item and Amount)

  • Smooth Quartz Block 381
  • Smooth Quartz Stairs 317
  • Glass 211
  • Bricks 102
  • Oak Leaves 94
  • Scaffolding 94
  • Oak Trapdoor 78
  • Sugar Cane 63
  • Lantern 26
  • Water Bucket 13
  • Barrel 12
  • Oak Fence 10
  • Sand 9
  • Snow 9
  • Wheat Seeds 8
  • Cactus 6
  • Dead Bush 6
  • Chest 4
  • Furnace 2
  • Crafting Table 1
  • Dark Oak Door 1
  • Flower Pot 1
  • Grindstone 1
  • Lily of the Valley 1
  • Red Bed 1
  • Stonecutter 1

We hope you enjoyed this Minecraft structure build. If you want us to cover any other’s, feel free to reach out and let us know!

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