Minecraft Apartment Building Guide – Modern House

Minecraft Apartment Building Guide - Modern House
Minecraft Apartment Building Guide

How to build a modern apartment in Minecraft? Here are Minecraft apartment building tips for your communal living projects in the game.

Minecraft showed the world that unifying freedom and creativity in a video game is everything for the people who enjoy games not only as a hobby but also as a meaningful practice of escapism. This why playing Minecraft has been such a blast since the game came out back in 2009. Every one of us dug a hole in the ground or built a shack made of dirt to survive the first night. After all those years, we are now building bases, castles and massive cities in Minecraft. It allowed us to push the limits of our imagination, only to show us that there were no restrictions in its world of pixels and blocks.

Now that we praised the best game ever, it is time to move on with some useful Minecraft building tips and tricks. Here’s how to build a modern apartment in Minecraft.

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Choose a Color Scheme

Before building your cozy apartments, choose the color scheme you want to use. If you choose two different blocks with vivid colors, your apartments might not look appealing. For this build, we preferred grey terracotta and quartz block as they are great in offering a modern look.

Minecraft Apartment Building Blocks

As you can see, the apartments look especially better with a shader pack. Although we did not use a different texture pack and went with the default, using Sildurs Shaders resulted in stunning visuals that enhanced the exterior of our buildings.

We listed the blocks you need to build these apartments. You don’t have to build exactly the same version of the ones above. Feel free to add something new.

  • Cyan Terracota
  • Terracotta
  • Nether Brick
  • Nether Brick Fence
  • Glass
  • Blue Stained Glass
  • Acacia Log
  • Wooden Planks
  • White Stained Glass Pane
  • Sea Lantern
  • Leaves
  • Glowstone
  • Smithing Table
  • Painting
  • Frame
  • Paper
  • Iron Door
  • Stone Slab
  • Trap Door
  • Fence
  • Pressure Plate
  • Crafting Table
  • Black Wool
  • Bookshelf
  • Quartz Stairs

Minecraft Apartment Interior Design

This is the interior of our apartment, welcoming us with the stairs and a small sitting area. The door on the right opens to the first loft of our building. And the small sitting area is a place for neighbors to chat.

And here’s our first flat. As you can see the kitchen and the living room are not divided. Only the bedroom is separate in our small and cozy flat.

For the kitchen design, we used smithing tables as cupboards and iron doors as a refrigerator. The tripwire seems like a tap as well, so that also seems fine when you combine it with a cauldron filled with water. You can tell that this corner is a small, humble kitchen.

In the living room, you can use bookshelves with any block in black color to make a TV unit. Adding sea lanterns to the corners also gives a nice vibe to the house. For the sofa, we went with nether bricks.

Well, we hope that our Minecraft apartment building guide was helpful enough in your projects in Minecraft. Feel free to add your own designs and personalize them however you want.

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