Grounded is out now on Xbox One and PC


It’s not crazy to say Obsidian Entertainment has always been a little weird. You’ve at least seen some of The Outer Worlds, right? Or perhaps some of the more bizarre moments in Fallout: New Vegas? Obsidian has always been a studio that’s not afraid to surprise players. And Grounded is definitely a surprise coming from a place largely known for its RPGs.

Out today in Game Preview, Grounded is — as so many have said at this point — a survival title mixed with a little Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. You are a tiny human. The world is very, very big. Your goal is to somehow outlast or perhaps exist alongside the now larger-to-you backyard critters. And you can play alone or experience the game’s persistent world with friends.

We’ve not yet had a chance to dive into Grounded, so we can’t render a final verdict on how good it is just yet. But if you’re down to give a try yourself, the cost of the title in Game Preview is $29.99. Of course, the price doesn’t apply to you if you have Xbox Game Pass, either on console or PC. If you’re a current Game Pass subscriber, you can access Grounded at no additional cost.

Keep an eye out for a Grounded review in the coming days. In the meantime, stay safe — the backyard has now become a very dangerous place.

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