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Minecraft Hanging Treehouse Build (Instructions & Materials)

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Brad Fleischman

As a kid, I always watned to build a treehouse in my backyard but never had the opportunity to do so. Today, we take a look at an Easy Treehouse Tutorial from our friends over at MarchiWORX. The best way to see how the build is completed is to watch the video at the end of this article. For easy reference, we have provided a written guide of all their steps and materials.

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A little Role Play From the video:

Peace, tranquility and paradise are all words we can use to describe this world. We used to say, “We have all the time in ther world”, however, this is unfortunatly no longer true. The Netheros have invaded our world, seeking dominion over all that was once pure.

Our only hope in such a dire situation is to flee to the trees. Once we have obtained shelter, we can begin planning our offence on the Netheros. Be swift! Their plague is taking over the land quickly. We fear they will soon send soldiers through their portal once they have enough land to tread on.

It is important to note, they seem to gain strength from their blue light. However, our purity is what keeps us strong. Good luck heroes.

General Steps and Tips Summary

  1. Pick out the tree where you treehouse will be hung from. Start by building your connection to the tree.
  2. You need to start at least 4 blocks away from the tree. In the video MarchiWORX makes a few modifications to the tree to ensure they have enough space.
  3. Build in the structure of the design. Start with the roof and work your way down to the floor. There will be 7 blocks of vertical space in the building at the most.
  4. MarchiWORX used a lot of will during the building proccess to make it easier but you can use any block as long as you break it when completed.
  5. The floor is exactly the same as the roof, just in reverse. However there is no need for the connection at the bottom. This will be left as a lantern.
  6. Now that the structure is in place, you will need to clad the facades of the build.
  7. Add some nice detail to the build.
  8. The final step is to build in the interior.

Materials for a Minecraft Hanging Treehouse:

  • Glass 94
  • Oak Stairs 64
  • Dark Oak Trapdoor 24
  • Stone Slab 24
  • Lantern 22
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log 16
  • Barrel 12
  • Dark Oak Fence 12
  • Oak Trapdoor 12
  • Stone 11
  • Dark Oak Button 8
  • Grindstone 5
  • Chest 4
  • Crafting Table 4
  • Furnace 4
  • Red Bed 4
  • Anvil 1
  • Dark Oak Door 1
  • Oak Fence 1

Video Guide: Easy Minecraft Hanging Treehouse

We hope you enjoyed this guide! Let us know if you had a chance to try the build out.