Is Company of Heroes 3 Coming to Xbox Series X|S?

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Is Company of Heroes 3 coming to Xbox Series X|S? Will the latest installment of the RTS series land on Xbox consoles?

Relic Entertainment has announced the last member of the popular real-time strategy series. The new Company of Heroes game will invite players to Italy and Africa during World War II. Offering much more interactive areas, the new strategy game will come with an in-game pause option as well.

The previous games of the series were only playable on PC. Naturally, strategy fans are wondering whether Company of Heroes 3 would come to Xbox Series X|S.

Will Company of Heroes 3 come to Xbox?

The answer is unfortunately no. The third game of the hit RTS games will only be playable on PC. The previous games in the franchise also did not come to Xbox or PlayStation. Although there is not an exact release date of the upcoming game, it will arrive sometime in 2022.

Console owners should not get their hopes up as Company of Heroes 3 will not be playable on any other platform at least on launch. Though the tides between video game platforms are constantly changing. Over the recent years, lots of console-exclusive games have made their way to PC. Even though it is quite unlikely, this might apply to CoH3 too. SEGA and Relic Entertainment might just decide to develop a console version of the game. As we all know, the world of video games is full of surprises and console owners need more titles in the strategy genre.

About Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes video game series offers a chance to wage real-time battles in World War II. The first two games and their expansion packs came with immersive gameplay and focused on the most famous battles that took place during the war. The series will take the wheel to Africa and Italy with the third installment.