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How Many Monsters Are In Monster Hunter: World?

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

How many monsters are there in Monster Hunter: World? Here’s the number of all of the mighty beasts that you fight against in the game.

Monster Hunter: World is the latest title of the Monster Hunter series, where the players battle against various creatures using a wide variety of gear and weaponry. The game made its debut on Xbox One back on January 26 2018 and received Iceborne expansion pack in 2019 to add a great amount of new content.

The game depicts a great world where players are tasked with upgrading their gear on a regular basis to hunt down monsters. As the player gets more advanced in terms of weapons and equipment, they become able to slay more powerful beasts. How many monsters are in Monster Hunter: World though? From small ones to massive creatures, we explained the numbers below.

What is the number of monsters in Monster Hunter: World?

The base game featured 37 large monsters and 18 small monsters. The game also had beasts from the previous titles. But with the Iceborne expansion, that number went up. Even though the title offers new variants and various returning monsters, it still has less than Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and 3 Ultimate.

How many monsters are in Iceborne expansion?

The huge expansion pack Monster Hunter World: Iceborne was released back on September 6 for Xbox One. It added lots of new content in every aspect and also came with new small and large beasts.

With Iceborne, 18 small monsters and 36 large monsters were added to the game.

  • So the number of large monsters in Monster Hunter World is 71. But if we have to take all of the creatures into account including small ones as well, the exact amount would be 94.

Here’s the answer to your question folks. Happy slaying to you during your hunts in the game. And also good luck on getting to the master rank.