All Elite Wrestling Game Sneak Peek Footage Released

A new wrestling game for consoles

If you are a wrestling fan, a nice suprise popped up for you on yesterday on social media. AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Games dropped a sneak peak video showing artwork and some gameplay footage of a wrestling game in development. This premiered on the AEW Games 2.Show hosted by Allie Bunny and Aubrey Edwards.

In November of 2020, AEW made an announcement that they were working on a consome game with WWE 2K developer Yukes and WWF No Mercy Director Hideyuki Iwashita. There is really not much info out there about the game but this little crumb is enough to make fans hungry for more. If you watch the YouTube video embedded below, you can see the preview at around the 8 minute mark.

The game does look pretty crisp and this could be a smash hit if done correctly. Let the hype train begin.

Howdy folks Kenny Omega here. Now I remember before resigning from AEW that I would be back. Not when I had something to tell you, but when I had something to show you. So without any further ado, I’m very excited to give you guys a little bit of a sneak peek of Darby Allen’s character model. I hope you guys enjoy and look forward to new and late breaking news on future AEW episodes. Goodbye and goodnight.

AEW Games 2.Show Episode #4 – Hosted by Allie Bunny & Aubrey Edwards


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