Fortnite crashing for some on Xbox Series X

Some Series X users are now having to deal with Fortnite crashing their consoles. Here’s what we know about this so far.
Fortnite crashing
Fortnite crashing

Earlier today, I booted up the new-and-improved Fortnite for Xbox Series X in order to capture some footage. Unfortunately, things went south pretty quickly. The game crashed on two different occasions mid-match, actually causing my entire Xbox Series X to shut down in the process. I took to Google to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue, and sure enough, Fortnite crashing looks like a problem a lot of other people are having, too.

According to one person on Reddit a few days back, they suffered crashes in a couple of different games, including Fortnite. More recently, a Twitter user noted Fortnite among some other games causing their Xbox Series X to crash, and another still said their crash was actually happening before the game could even load.

I’ve played a slate of games — both Series X enhanced and not — and haven’t run into problems with anything else. Fortnite, however, seems to be crashing pretty darn consistently. It’s a shame, too — I really wanted to capture that footage to show off how otherwise gorgeous the game looks.

I took a look at Epic’s “Known issues” page for the next-gen consoles, and this crashing behavior isn’t mentioned anywhere. So who knows if this is a Xbox-related concern or perhaps something Epic overlooked and will have to issue a patch for. In the meantime, I’ll keep a lookout for any news on this. If you’re having this same issue yourself, feel free to leave a comment or tweet at me and let me know what your crashes look like, and what you think might be causing them.

  1. I got my xbox series s last Friday and it’s doing the same thing with games like Fortnite and Gears 5, Hollow Night and Doom Eternal are doing fine, so far I haven’t try with other games

  2. Having the same issue with series X. As soon as I start a game it’s crashing. 🙁 no news from Epic since a month.

  3. Mine freezes when a notification is about to pop up. Lost several matches because I’m not moving.

  4. my game keeps crashing aswell i tried to see if the internet was the problem but it wasn’t

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