Fortnite Presents Red vs Blue Weekend

Fortnite Presents Red vs Blue Weekend

This weekend between April 30th – May 2nd, 2021 Fortnite’s three Red vs Blue Creative Limited Time Modes will be available for you to play. The item shop will be filled with Team Red and Team Blue items during the weekend.  You can join the battle now with your team and represent your side with your team-dedicated items!

Limited Time Modes include

Red vs Blue (XS)

Fortnite Red vs Blue(XS) focuses on close-quarters combat. When you get eliminated, unlimited respawns and strong starting load-outs will put you right back into the battle. Make sure to check out Red vs Blue(XS) on the playlist or after entering Creative mode use the code Red vs Blue (XS) 8741-7457-7436 built by MISWERDNAX.

Red vs Blue Rumble

Red vs Blue Rumble is a rapid combat game mode that provides infinite respawns and strong starting load-outs that will keep you in the action. Eliminating other players will reward you with the gold you will use to upgrade weapons. Get Red vs Blue Rumble on the playlist or enter Creative mode and use the code Red vs Blue Rumble 6207-0778-2857 created by BOYKAARO.

Red vs Blue Advanced

team red

If you look for a more high-intensity game, Red vs Blue Advanced is the perfect game mode for you. Start gathering your weapons and battle against the opponent. You can start playing now from the playlist or in the Creative mode with the code Red vs Blue Advanced 7520-3761-4238 created by TheSlurp!

Play these three different game modes with three different styles this weekend with your friends. Try them all and find your favorite and stay tuned for more Limited Time Modes announcements!

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