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Operation: Tango Now Available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One

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Gunduz Dogan

As of today, Operation: Tango is available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. So, you don’t have to wait any longer to play this spy-action game.

Operation: Tango, by Clever Plays Studio, has been keeping its users waiting since its release on other platform consoles in June. However, we can now witness firsthand that the game is more than just a classic spy-action game. First of all, the game does not have single-player gameplay. It is a co-operation game in which two players will work together. Two characters that are mutually related to each other. One is a sneaky Spy and the other is a master Hacker, and the two stand together against evils with the power to affect the entire world. Even this entry makes us excited to play the game.

Operation: Tango Xbox Series X/S Xbox One
Operation: Tango Xbox Series X/S Xbox One

Operation: Tango Gameplay

The most important building block of the game is voice commands and chat. Because in Operation: Tango, the only thing that connects you with your partner is the cables. For this reason, you’d better set your Headset before starting the game. The most important things in this game are cooperation, mutual conversations with your partner and the story of the game can be continued thanks to the flow of information. Correct communication is paramount, don’t forget that. Especially if you are a Spy.

Perhaps the reason for the delay in the creation process is the Hollywood-ish atmosphere created by the game and the wonderful virtual reality feel. In this way, players who are completely disconnected from the world reality and teleported to a parallel universe are much more excited to explore the rules and atmosphere of this new virtual environment.

Operation: Tango Xbox Series X/S Xbox One
Operation: Tango Xbox Series X/S Xbox One

Details about Operation: Tango

The game has many exciting adventures to offer. Operation: Tango, which focuses entirely on communication. It  expects two players to solve some mysteries by constantly communicating. Two people are required to complete these missions. Plus, take on Hollywood-esque missions around the world. Hack, sneak, and escape. Enjoy the action. While doing all these, make full use of all the possibilities offered by this technologically advanced world. Remember, first of all, it is your partner who will save you even from deadly situations. In short, Operation: Tango seems to catch many Gamers with its design and action that most of you miss.

Operation: Tango is now available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One starting today. Moreover, if you take advantage of the Friend Pass feature, the other person you will play the game with can join the game you bought for free. Don’t you think it’s great? Anyone who is eagerly waiting for the game can now play it. Enjoyable games!