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14 Codes for Scarlet Nexus You Can Redeem on Xbox Game Pass

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Here are 14 codes for you to use in the Scarlet Nexus game. After being announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 event, the game was included in the Xbox Game Pass titles. We have compiled 14 in-game codes in this article so that you can have wider options when playing the game with Xbox Game Pass. By the way, those who have an Xbox Game Pass membership can play different titles for free every month, Scarlet Nexus is one of them. You can find more information about membership here.

Scarlet Nexus is a third-person action role-playing game. The game was developed by Japanese game developer Bandai Namco Studios. The game takes place in the near future and in an alternate universe where humanity has developed a society based on the materials found in people’s brains. In the reality of the game, these substances give people superpowers. In the game, you use these powers against mutants called the Others. The title was released for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on January 25. Now, the game can be played with Xbox Game Pass.

How Can You Redeem Scarlet Nexus Codes?

14 Codes for Scarlet Nexus You Can Redeem on Xbox Game Pass
Scarlet Nexus

There is also an anime series adapted from the Scarlet Nexus game. Fans of the game also enjoy watching this anime. Watching the anime can make it much easier to play the game on Xbox Game Pass. Each episode of the anime also gives a hint about the game. By following these tips, you can earn special cosmetics in the game. In addition, if you enter these codes, you can earn bonus information and increase your in-game bonds. In addition, even if you are just starting the game, you can get the achievements in the following sections from the beginning. All you have to do is use these 14 basic codes in the game.

When you come to the second phase of the game, you will be invited to a restaurant called ‘Musubi’s’. Musubi will give you a Brain Message with your first code here, will ask you to find the code and use it. Then you can go to the restaurant using your world map in the game. Talk to Musubi at the restaurant. She will open a space for you to use the codes you learned by watching the anime.

After entering the first code, you can decipher the other codes by watching the anime. However, if you do not want to watch the anime, you will find all the codes in the continuation of our article. Codes are case sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly how they are written. Otherwise, the codes will not work.

Here are 14 Codes You Can Use for Scarlet Nexus

So far, 13 episodes of the Scarlet Nexus anime have been released, one code is given in the game, so there are 14 codes in total. As the anime continues, you can learn more codes from the anime. Below are all the codes released so far.

  1. CODE – You get it with Musubi’s Brain Message and it gives 1000 in-game coins.
  2. Such a liar – You get a Yuito Poster Vision and additional Yuito profile details.
  3. tell the truth – You get a Hanabi Poster Vision and additional Hanabi profile details.
  4. 5150 – You get a Gemma Poster Vision and additional Gemma profile details with Special Mission Pay Bonus.
  5. 2009 – You get a Septentrition OSF Armband Vision.
  6. NEVER FORGET – You get a Luka Poster Vision and additional Luka profile details.
  7. Which? – You get a Kasane Poster Vision, a Combat Experience Assist, Attack Damage Suppression, and a Bond Assist.
  8. Hero – You get a Tsugumi Poster Vision and additional Tsugumi profile details.
  9. October 4th – You get an Arashi Poster Vision and additional Arashi profile details.
  10. Lokusho – You get a Contraband Vision, a Bond Assist, and one Crush Suppression.
  11. hospital – You get a Shiden Poster Vision and additional Shiden profile details.
  12. government dog – You get a Kyoka Poster Vision and additional Kyoka profile details.
  13. judge – You get a Kagero Poster Vision, further Kagero profile details, a SAS Recovery Mk 3, and a Plug-in Parallelization Program H.
  14. Save me – You get a Group Poster Vision, an improved Bond Assist, and a Plug-in Parallelization Program V.

You can use all the codes listed above in the game. Even if you don’t watch the anime, you can follow our site for updated codes later. Also, if you want to see the guides about different games, you can find our other game guides here.