This Xbox Game Pass music video is unbelievable

If there is an unsung hero in the world of social media, its whoever runs the show for Xbox Game Pass. The service’s Twitter account is a regular treasure trove of offbeat gags and memes done right. This time around, though, Xbox Game Pass has outdone itself.

You’re probably aware that, from time to time, games make their way out of the Xbox Game Pass lineup. Rather than remind you to check the list and mark your calendar with a tweet, though, Microsoft made a music video.

Here it is.

If that isn’t an early 2000s jam right there, I don’t know what is.

You have to appreciate the sheer effort Microsoft put in for this one. A song was written. Someone was nabbed to actually sing it. Someone hilariously put the song to a music video (of sorts), complete with a few gags of its own. And whoever created the video made it look exactly like every other unauthorized YouTube music upload, including the “w/ lyrics” tagged on.

Bravo, Microsoft. Bravo.

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