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Latest Alexa feature lets you download Xbox Game Pass games from everywhere

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Yunus Emre

Amazon just introduced a new Alexa feature to directly download Amazon’s iconic voice assistant. You can use this feature from everywhere for the download of Xbox Game Pass games.

If you already have Alexa connected to your Xbox, the digital wizard will locate the game and instantly install the game on the associated Xbox. You can also ask Alexa what’s new or usual with the Xbox Game Pass to find out what the service is about to exit. Also, you can use this feature immediately to install a skill, and it can be evoked by saying “Alexa, download ‘game title’ from Xbox Game Pass.”

And, if you don’t have an Alexa voice assistant on your devices, then when you first try to download a game with your voice you will be asked to set the connection. Xbox capability needs to be installed via the Alexa application. The latest update Alexa will now be available for US customers for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with more markets expected for the future.

In addition to that, Microsoft’s latest Alexa feature is Amazon’s first gaming partner and comes a few weeks after an Alexa app was first developed on Xbox. The Alexa software on Xbox enables you to view email, weather, and other visual material with the interactive voice assistant to start Xbox games.

It can be challenging to choose which one to play the next with over 100 games available to play on Xbox Game Pass. After you watch or read a YouTube video on a gaming website, you can decide on the following one.  But you probably aren’t near your console at that point! You can plan the game for you then and then with this Alexa feature.

Xbox Skill on Alexa, use the commands:

  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to open [app title]
  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to turn on.
  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to start GTA IV
  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to pause
  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to turn it up
  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to record that
  • Alexa/Cortana, tell Xbox to start a party
  • Alexa/Cortana, start [game name]
  • Alexa/Cortana, pause
  • Alexa/Cortana, play
  • Alexa/Cortana, watch [app name]
  • Alexa/Cortana, turn on [device name]
  • Alexa/Cortana, turn off [device name]
  • Alexa/Cortana, volume up on [device name]
  • Alexa/Cortana, volume down on [device name]
  • Alexa/Cortana, mute [device name]

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