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Battlefield 2042 Price Hits Record Low on Amazon

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Battlefield 2042 price hits record low and the game is now being sold at $29. The last mainline entry of the franchise came out a month ago.

Battlefield 2042 has received negative backlash from the gaming community over the last month. As the last member of the popular FPS series, it doesn’t have even half of the features that the previous Battlefield games had. Alongside absent features like server browser or team changer, the game is filled with bugs, glitches, and various other issues. EA and DICE’s new Battlefield game has clearly failed as the price of the game proves it by hitting a record low on Amazon.

The new installment aimed to deliver a whole new level of immersive FPS experience by offering matches up to 128 players. With lots of new vehicles and technological weapons, the recent entry in the series planned to allow gamers to take part in brutal and massive all-out warfare. Though it seems like DICE and Electronic Arts failed to deliver what they had promised. After a month of its release, Battlefield 204 seems and feels like a bad battle-royale clone. Without all of those animations, a decent class system, and character customization, Battlefield 2042 is now considered one of the worst games of the franchise. The game also has a small variety of weapons and maps when compared to its predecessors.

Pick up Battlefield 2042 for $29 on Amazon

Normally, Battlefield 2042 price is around $59. Considering that it is an AAA title coming from Electronic Arts and DICE, we could say that it is normal. Though Battlefield 2042 is a chaotic mess of a game right now and we feel like it has a very long road ahead of it. Though buying it from that price point does seem smart as we hope that DICE will fix the game in the upcoming months. After the last member of the franchise becomes a bit more stable, you will have acquired it only for $29 dollars. That’s one of the best gaming deals we have seen especially during the holiday sale. It is also the game’s lowest price tag since its release.

We should also note that the last installment of the long-running FPS franchise does not have a campaign mode. Unlike other titles in the series, Battlefield 2042 focuses on multiplayer only and does not come with a story mode. This is also one of the reasons why the game was criticized a lot. While players praised Battlefield Portal mode which allowed them to create unique multiplayer scenarios, the base game received more than eight thousand negative reviews on Steam.

It is not the next-generation of FPS genre

MetaCritic score of the title is 68 while the user score remains 2.2, making the game the worst mainline entry in the whole series. 2042 failed miserably, even though the developers planned to offer the next generation massive first-person shooter title. We do not know what happened during the development process but Battlefield 2042 price shows that they are aware of the fact that the game is nothing but a source of disappointment.

Do not lose hope though as we know lots of games that received updates and became much better over the years. Consider getting it while it is on sale so that you can enjoy it later on, hopefully.