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Earn 2500 Bonus Points this May with Microsoft Rewards

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Kardelen Cuhadar

This month Xbox users can earn and redeem another 2500 points for gaining real awards with Microsoft Rewards. If you haven’t joined already, join Microsoft Rewards now and start gaining your points on your Xbox console with the Rewards app. Earn your points by completing tasks and spend your points on gift cards, donations, and many more! You can find more information here on the Xbox website.

Another “Monthly Bonus Round” challenge has just started on May 2021. You can complete these very easy tasks until May 15th to gain bonus Rewards points and fill your account with up to 2000 points/about 2$.

Open your Rewards app on your Xbox console and complete the requirements listed below:

  1. Complete 3 “daily sets”
  2. Earn 3 achievements in Xbox One / Series X / Series S games
  3. Claim 500 points (and ideally, donate them to a non-profit of your choice)
  4. Complete a quiz for up to 50 extra points
  5. Complete a Bing search on five separate days

Apart from claiming these points on the Rewards app, you can have an extra 150 points on the web-based Microsoft Rewards version here by completing an easy eco-friendly punch card.

Lastly, if you’ve bought the latest release of Nier Replicant, you can claim another 250 points by completing a single achievement on the game.

NieR Replicant

How do you register for Microsoft rewards?

It’s pretty easy to register for Microsoft Rewards. Sign on to the official Microsoft website and then go to the Microsoft Reward tab (and you can do this on the website as well).

Here you can find a rundown of the number of points you received up to now, the current level of Microsoft Rewards, the current string length, and more. You are now ready to begin!

Microsoft Rewards also gives daily points for creating small tasks like Bing searches or sometimes weekly opportunities with Weekly Treasures, pre-orders, and many more. Follow Core Xbox news to be informed of new opportunities for bonus points and free gifts every month!