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Shadow Warrior 3 New Trailer Offered to Game Fans

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Ruken Can Dönmez

Shadow Warrior 3 has a new trailer out now. Based on what we see, the game offers so many features. Offbeat first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 3 will take you to an amazing experience.

The game is based on the story of corporate shogun Lo Wang and his sidekick Orochi Zilla. They embark on a really difficult mission. It is to capture the ancient dragon they unleashed from its permanent prison, again. They are perfectly armed with a marvelous mix of blades and bullets.

Lo Wang now should explore and discover the unknown parts of the world to find the scary and dark beast. After that, he can have the chance to stop the apocalypse, again. He will wear the signature accessory, a mask of a dead god, and start the quest. He also has a dragon’s egg, a little bit of magic, and a good amount of firepower to be successful.

Shadow Warrior 3 New Trailer
Shadow Warrior 3 New Trailer

The Past and Future of Shadow Warrior Series

The original and the first game of the series, Shadow Warrior was released for Xbox One in 2014. After that, Shadow Warrior 2 came out two years later in 2016. They both had very good reviews and were extremely successful. Highly anticipated next entry, Shadow Warrior 3 is announced as a fast-action first-person shooter and will be available to play in 2021. Although the exact release date is not clear, we’re following the news and let you know as soon as it is official.

Amazing Weapons From Shadow Warrior 3’s New Trailer?

A brand new trailer is available for Shadow Warrior 3. In the trailer, we see that the studio is focusing on the various weapon choices Lo Wang can use on his journey. Though we have seen a little bit of them, we are now sure that different upgrades are coming. Based on what we see, the game features vibrant gunplay, edgy combat, and an amazing movement system.

There is a new member, the grenade launcher and it is called the Crimson Bull. It requires reloading after each shot. There is an upgrade called “Sucker Punch” and it allows on-point shots. Moreover, Lo Wand has The Outlaw, a good old six shooter, which can be upgraded to set enemies on fire. Also, there is one more upgrade, take the “Poppin’ Heads” and foes will explode and this will damage others too.

The Sidekicks are dual SMGs and can be used to paralyze the target. That weapon is definitely a good option for a large group of enemies. Lastly, we have Dragontail, a katana that slices like a razor blade.

After all, Shadow Warrior 3 will definitely follow the ancestors and be a great hit. It will be released this year for Xbox One and PC. After all of these gems, it is hard to wait for the game to come.

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