List of Exclusive Games Coming to Xbox Consoles

Xbox Exclusive Games

We have reviewed only the games that will be exclusive to Xbox for you. These games will only be released on Xbox and PC. We have compiled the most anticipated titles among these games.

The Xbox Series X/S is the best model of the game console series to date. Xbox Game Pass membership, cloud gaming compatibility, powerful hardware, and ease to use make it special for gamers. Although Microsoft hasn’t released console-only games since Xbox One, PC and Xbox-specific games are still very popular. In this article, we have reviewed some of the games that will be coming to this game console in the near future.

Here Are Coming Exclusive Games for Xbox
Here Are Coming Exclusive Games for Xbox

What Games Are Coming Exclusive for Xbox?


Obsidian Entertainment’s first-person fantasy game, Avowed, is eagerly awaited by fans of the fantasy genre. The game will only be released for PC and Xbox Series X/S. The game is expected to be released before The Elder Scroll VI. You can find our previous articles about the game here.


The fourth game in the Fable series returns for the Xbox Series X/S. Although this title will be released well after the last game in the series, it is eagerly awaited by fantasy RPG players. Playground, owned by Microsoft and making the Forza Horizon series, is developing the game. You can find articles about Fable here.

Forza Horizon 5

The highly anticipated racing game Forza Horizon 5 will be released exclusively for Xbox and PC. The game’s release date is November 9, 2021. There will be many new features in the game. Fans of the game can find detailed reviews about the game here.

Halo Infinite

Microsoft’s biggest franchise, Halo, arrives with its much-anticipated new game. Although Halo 5: Guardians, released 6 years ago, was not very popular, expectations for Halo: Infinite is high. The game, which will be released on December 8, will be playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


Starfield is the new role-playing game from the critically acclaimed Bethesda Game Studios. A game that will please science fiction fans a lot. Blending hard sci-fi, a subgenre, and role-playing games, the game will be released for Xbox Series X/S on November 22.

The Elder Scroll VI

You will be able to play The Elder Scroll 6, one of the most popular games of the Fantasy RPG genre, on your Xbox. It has been 5 years since the prequel of the series, The Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim. Therefore, the fans of the game are looking forward to the new title.

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