The Surge or The Surge 2 – Which is Better?

The Surge or The Surge 2? – Which is Better?
The Surge vs. The Surge 2: Which is Better?

Should you The Surge before The Surge 2? Which game in the series is better and which one should you play?

The Surge offers tight and heavy combat in a Souls-like gameplay style. The video game series depicts a dystopian world where humanity lost all hope and the perils of a modernized world are a constant threat. Your task is to upgrade your exoskeleton and fight against rogue AIs, exo-warriors, and massive bosses with hefty weapons. While the games in the series offer ultimate combat, gamers are curious about which The Surge game is better? Which one should you play and which is better?

It is safe to say that the first game focuses on better storytelling and a more immersive atmosphere. The sequel, on the other hand, offers a great amount of new content both in terms of the enemy, levels, and weaponry. So the question “The Surge or The Surge 2” actually depends on the player and their gaming habits. If you wish to experience solid Souls-like gameplay with a heavy focus on the story, you might consider playing the first game.

If you are looking for combat on a larger scale with new weapons, armor, and lots of content; the sequel might be a better choice. We should also add that the overall gameplay mechanics are much better in the second game. The atmosphere of the two games is quite different as well. While the first game depicts a more grim world with darker tones, the second game is relatively more vibrant.

The Surge 2 is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

About The Surge Games

The Surge is an action RPG developed by Deck13 and landed on Xbox One alongside various platforms back in 2017. The game embraces a difficult gameplay style that is very similar to a Souls game. The Surge also allowed players to design their characters with exoskeletons and further upgrade them for a better attack and defense performance in combat.

The first game received mixed reviews and got a score of 74 over 100 with its Xbox One version. The sci-fi setting, character development, and combat mechanics received positive reviews as well.

After the debut of the first game, The Surge 2 was released in September 2019. The successor introduced a multiplayer mode and refined its predecessors on many levels. The developers added a whole new level of weapon and enemy variety which upgraded the scale of the game. That said, the fans of the franchise believe that the first game had a better narrative design alongside a better expansion, A Walk in the Park.

Here’s your answer to “which is better” if you are looking forward to getting lost in an oppressive sci-fi world. Both games also have lots of great post-launch expansion packs like The Good, the Bad and the Augmented, A Walk in the Park, Cutting Edge, Fire and Ice Weapon Pack, CREO Special Employee Kit. The second game also had a solid expansion named The Kraken which invites players to fight against enemies and solve the mystery revolving around VBS Krakow.

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