Experience The Full Yakuza Franchise on Xbox Game Pass Today

Experience The Full Yakuza Franchise on Xbox Game Pass Today
Yakuza Franchise

With the newest addition to the series, the Yakuza franchise is now available on Xbox Game Pass with all of its games.

Xbox Game Pass makes hundreds of brilliant titles available for its subscribers. The service keeps adding new games each day to expand its library as well. During Xbox and Bethesda showcase, the developers have revealed 30 new games. 27 of them will launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one. This is amazing news for the gaming community worldwide. Microsoft’s gamer-friendly subscription service does not only remove boundaries between platforms but also provides more than 250 games at the same price. And these games are some of the most successful titles that you must play.

The Yakuza franchise is among these titles as the games take players to an immersive and action-packed journey through Japan’s criminal world, allowing players to assume the role of Kiryu. With its eight games, the Yakuza series offers the ultimate adventure in Japan full of RPG elements, open-world action, and solid gameplay mechanics.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Has Landed on Xbox Game Pass

The series has received its recent member back in 2020 and the game has landed on Game Pass recently. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is now available on the service’s library and it completes the entire franchise at last. Unlike other titles in the series, players give life to a new character called Ichiban Kasuga in the new game. Yakuza: Like A Dragon also comes with different gameplay and a whole new storyline. In addition to its turn-based combat system, the most recent game of the Yakuza series introduces the Yokohoma district.

Starting from Yakuza 0 to Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, all of the games in the Yakuza series are now available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. We should also note that the upcoming Yakuza titles will probably have a similar combat system. So you might want to start from Yakuza 0 to experience the brilliant adventures of Kazuma Kiryu throughout the criminal underworld of Japan and its many districts.

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