Xbox Game Pass Will Not Come to Nintendo and PS, Says Phil Spencer

Xbox Game Pass Will Not Come to Nintendo and PS4 Says Phil Spencer
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks about why Xbox Game Pass won’t be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Game Pass has become the number one gaming subscription service around the world. The service offers some of the most brilliant games we have seen including the titles from Bethesda and ZeniMax. With more than 23 million subscribers and counting, Microsoft is also focusing on it to expand its reach further on the open platforms.

The head of Xbox explained why they do not want to see the service on other closed platforms as well. Spencer stated that they do not have any plans on bringing it to PlayStation or Nintendo. Even though Microsoft and Nintendo are closer to each other than they are with PlayStation, offering the subscription service on these platforms is not among the company’s future plans.

Spencer also added another reason why they do now have plans in this direction. He stated “One of the main reasons why we are not planning to offer Xbox Game Passon closed platforms is because they do not want that. These closed platforms do not want to have something like our service in their network. With that said, there are already lots of great open platforms waiting for us such as PC, web, and mobile.” 

Microsoft Wants to Remove Barriers for Game Pass

The main goal of the tech giant is to remove barriers in front of the gamer-friendly subscription service. With that, they aim to offer it on lots of different platforms to promote ease of access too. Spencer said that “There are more than three billion people who play video games. This means that half of the world is gaming. So it is very difficult to draw a line between someone who plays games and someone who does not.”

Currently, the ever-expanding library of the service receives new games every day. Some of them are added to the platform on the launch day as well. Xbox does want to end the war between consoles and platforms. Yet again, it seems unlikely that Xbox Game Pass will come to PlayStation or Nintendo in the future.

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