How to make hats in Roblox on Xbox consoles?

How to make hats in Roblox on Xbox consoles?

If you wanna make hats in Roblox on Xbox consoles or any devices. We are gonna help you with this guide. This game was developed in 2004 and release in 2006 as an online game platform and game-creation system. It allows users to create and modify games, as well as play games made by others.

Do you want to create your own unique piece of virtual headgear, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to make a hat in Roblox. You’re in the right place if you’re looking to make your own virtual headgear. How to make Roblox a hat. The game also gives you the ability to customize a character that has become very popular over the years. Many users are taking advantage of the platform’s unique customization options to personalize their gaming experience. Roblox’s hats are basically a mesh. This is a 3D object you can share with your friends. Let’s take a look at the Roblox design that can be used to create virtual hats.

All steps to make hats in Roblox

  • Choose the hat, and then go to Roblox Studio either on Xbox or other devices
  • Choose any game you wish to edit and hit the Edit button
  • The Roblox Studio webpage will load.
  • Go to Models under Toolbox and type any hat that you like
  • Click on Mesh under the “Explorer” tab.
  •  Scroll to the “Texture ID” section and copy the “Asset ID”.
  • Return to Roblox, and replace the catalog ID with this one.
  • Right-click the texture and click ‘Save Image as’ to save it to your desktop.
  • After the image is saved to your desktop, copy it and then go to to download the tool for free.
  • Open the tool, and then load the texture you saved to your desktop.
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  • Assist with any changes in the texture or color scheme.
  • Save the texture and exit the tool.
  • Return to Roblox and click ‘Develop.
  • Click on “My Creation” and then click on “Decals”. This is the third option. This will enable you to create a brand new Decal.
  • Click on “Create A Decal” and choose the file you saved to your desktop. Click on the “Upload” button.
  • The uploaded file is listed under “Decals” as a link. Click and your Decal will receive a new asset ID.
  • Take the ID and return to the Roblox Studio.

And the other method how it works below:

Open the studio in the menu. Then navigate to the Toolbox in the upper-left corner. You can find any hats you like that are featured in the game you have loaded. After you have selected the hat, move to the Explorer section on the right-hand corner of the screen. Click the down-facing arrow beside the item and choose Mesh. You’ll find the asset identification by clicking the link below the texture ID. These ID numbers should be copied carefully.

Go back to Roblox, and replace the catalog ID that you have copied with the one you have copied. This will bring up the texture ID for the particular hat you have selected. Right-click the texture to save it. Open the saved image in a photo editing program. You can also use MS Paint. Simply change the texture of the hat to suit your taste. It’s that simple. You can also watch the video tutorial below!

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