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How Will Ubisoft Try to Solve UNO Crashes on Xbox Consoles?

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Ruken Can Dönmez

Ubisoft made a statement that they will try to solve UNO crashes on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Since the last update, many users around the web have been reporting severe crashing issues.

Users have been complaining about not being able to play the game. So many people have mentioned about the game keeps freezing and crashing in a great number of Reddit threads.

In addition to all of these complaints, one player headed to Twitter and tweeted Ubisoft Support about the current problem. Ubisoft tweeted that “they are currently investigating this issue with UNO crashing on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S“.


Workarounds and Suggestions for UNO Crashes

We need to mention that there were some issues since the game launched in 2016. At that time, issues were thought to be about the players’ accounts, not the console.

Some users suggested a couple of problem-solving tips. One of them is using a workaround as using an alternate account instead of players’ own account. This solution seems like it worked for some users. But most of them turned back empty-handed and keep looking for other solutions.

Another suggestion mentioned in forums. In this solution, you need to go to network settings and select go offline. After that, you need to open the game and enter the main menu. You need to wait for the game to be online services disabled and then repeat the first step. But this time, you need to choose online. Many people tried this method and again, it worked for some but not for others.

In the end, this ongoing crashing issue needs a permanent solution because the game is currently unplayable on Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X. With the big amount of reports and complaints from the community, we are positive that Ubisoft will solve the issue as soon as possible.