The Benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate vs. Normal Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass

With gaming consoles becoming more and more popular, Microsoft has decided to provide a variety of different services to its customers.  

We are, of course, talking about the Xbox Game Pass and its two versions. Microsoft’s Xbox game pass services are premier on-demand gaming services across Xbox consoles and other gaming platforms (Windows/PC). 

These paid subscription-based services, as mentioned earlier, are the Ultimate pass and the normal pass. While these services do not differ much in what they have to offer, there are still some things you should be aware of before you pay for them. 

Let us look at and analyze these two services and what they have to offer. 

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? 

The subscribers can enjoy a vast and vivid range of games from anywhere and at any time through Xbox or PC. It was announced in 2019, and it is the latest and biggest evolution of Microsoft’s popular service. 

Microsoft has received tons of requests from the customers to merge Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions, and the premium Xbox Game pass exactly provides this to the customers.  

This has also been one of the key reasons for the success of the Xbox Game Pass because the people out there got the things that they needed. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the merger of two programs: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.  The subscribers of this program will have access to both of these things at one month’s subscription cost, and they will not have to pay for two separate subscriptions.  

After getting huge success from Xbox users, the newer version of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives subscription benefits to PC users also.  

What will you be getting? 

It provides access to a huge gaming library to its subscribers. The subscribers can easily download these games on their Xbox or on their PC and can play them as long as they have the subscription, or in other words, they recharge their subscription. 

The downloaded game remains in the Game Pass library. With access to the game pass, the games can be played both on Xbox and PC. It also supports Xbox Play Anywhere. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available in all Xbox Game Pass markets such as Argentina, Czech Republic, Norway, Mexico, India, and many other places. It is highly recommended that you verify the availability based on your region. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate vs. Normal Game Pass 

The standard Game Pass subscription is packed, and many Xbox players will be attracted to the service because it gives the high value at a low price point. Any Xbox player can get access to new Game Pass titles every month, alongside the existing games, for only ten bucks.  

The basic subscription gives access to all Xbox exclusives and many games from Microsoft-owned and collaborated studios.  

This service is a fantastic deal for those who are more interested in a single-player gaming experience or those looking for a value for money deal. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes many other benefits, which have a slightly high charge than the normal ultimate pass. 

The pass renews at the fifteenth of every month, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has added a lot more to the service after the increase in price. It includes a Game Pass library, EA Play access, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. 

Many players are more attracted to online gaming than before, so the addition of Xbox Live Gold is a healthy deal. Xbox Live Gold at its own cost is the same as the basic Xbox Game Pass subscription.  

So the players looking to get online are getting a much better deal every month, and that’s before the Xbox Games with Gold program, which gives free titles each month to the customers. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox Game Pass for PC, which flies under the radar of the consoles. The service gives almost the same games to play on PC as on Xbox consoles.  

Xbox Game Pass has plans for everyone, which can be easily fitted in different people’s different budgets. 

3 Great Games to Play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 

Forza Horizon 4 

Car racing games have always been favorites among the players. The craze of racing games was on a high during the very early phases of gaming, and also now it has the same popularity. Well, this is the reason why Forza Horizon 4 has reached the Number 1 position and still remains one of the favorites among the players on Xbox after so much time of its release. 

State Of Decay 2 

After the racing games, the second most sellable games are the survival games. State of Decay 2 is definitely a survival game in which the players have to survive their way out from zombies and other creatures. This game is hugely popular among the players and also one of the most playable games on Xbox. 


Inside is a Puzzle game that follows the escape room gaming concept. The virtual escape room games are hugely popular among the players and also normal people who are not hardcore gamers. The story of this game gives a unique concept of a boy who is trapped in a scary world, and he must escape from that world by solving several puzzles. 

Wrapping Up 

As gaming consoles and the gaming industry make huge leaps towards the next generation, Xbox Games Pass and its variants make gaming much easier and accessible. 

Accessibility and availability of a huge library of digital content is a feature that many of us recognize from various streaming platforms and services. Services like these allow people an option to choose their favorite game and play it on any system with a simple login.   

There has been a drastic increase in the popularity of Xbox game pass due to exclusive games, demos, and various perks.  

After the launch of the Ultimate Pass, it didn’t take a long time to get popular among the users. With the above-listed benefits, you will be able to make informed and smart decisions on which variety of Xbox pass you should invest in. 

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