Xbox Leads the Gaming Industry in Accessibility

Xbox Leads Gaming Industry in Accessibility
Xbox Accessibility

Xbox is leading the gaming industry in accessibility. As the world progresses towards a more inclusive environment, so does gaming. And none other company has made more advancements towards improving accessibility in gaming than Xbox this year. Last month, Xbox celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a ton of showings and new features. Features included “Xbox Accessibility Insiders League” (XAIL) and a “Gaming and Disability Player Experience Guide” and several live streams about new accessibility features that are coming to Xbox.

I play, You Play, We all Play

This growing trend in recognizing the need for better accessibility in gaming is making Xbox and Microsoft an industry leader when it comes to accessibility in gaming.

Accessibility for Gamers and Developers

It doesn’t just stop at Xbox gamers. Whether you are a Console gamer, a PC gamer, or developer, Microsoft attempts to reinforce accessibility in the gaming world that extends far beyond just the Xbox system.

For Developers

One of the best resources that got released is a guide for game developers on how to integrate accessibility features in their upcoming (and potentially existing) games. This is the huge first step in helping game developers understand more about gamers with needs and provide better accessibility assistance to them. With this, every gamer will be able to start enjoying their games regardless of their accessibility needs.

For Everyone

If you do not have any disabilities or require any special accessibility features for your games, BUT you want to help those who do? Well, you are in luck! The “Gaming and Disability Player Experience Guide” allows everyone who is interested to gain a better understanding of some of the most common game accessibility barriers experienced by players across a wide spectrum of disabilities.

Give Feedback Directly to the Developers

Ever feel like you are always complaining about something in a game but no one is listening? Now, you can give feedback directly to game developers through the new accessibility feature — Xbox Accessibility Insider League. Anyone with a disability can use this new feature (or league) to provide feedback directly to the game developers. This would allow for the most direct point of communication to the people who make the magic happen behind the scene. And the secret? The game developers WANT to hear from you guys. They want to make the game as enjoyable to everyone as possible. And you are making that happen.

Similarly, Xbox has revamped its customer support page to make it easier for users to find accessibility feedback forms and help. Definitely, something to check out.

Leading the Way into a Better Gaming World

While Microsoft has indeed been marking itself as an industry leader when it comes to accessibility, it is important to understand that there are many publishers and developers who are doing their best efforts in this field as well. Amongst these developers and publishers are both Ubisoft and Sony, who will be releasing some of their new games and features at this year’s 2021 E3 expo. With industry giants like these, it most certainly feels great to be a gamer as we look towards the future where everyone is able to enjoy the games we love.

Honorable Mentions About Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, one cannot go without mentioning the incredible work that Ubisoft has taken in regards to the topic. Two of Ubisoft’s best-selling games, Assasin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legions were nominated for the Innovations in Accessibilities Award at the 2020 Game Awards. They are consistently working on improving their standards and continue to impress audiences while also being very open about their ongoing support for greater accessibility.


Gaming is an incredible activity that almost everyone enjoys, whether it’s on a PC, console, or even board games. And it is best enjoyed when others are also having as much fun as you are. The lack of accessibility in gaming in the past has hindered so many gamers from enjoying those very games that everyone else gets to enjoy. However, that time has set and a new dawn arises as industry leaders are rapidly recognizing the need for greater accessibility in gaming. And this is only the beginning as we continue to anticipate what comes next. Stay tuned here at for the latest news.

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