New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced

New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced
New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced

Microsoft announced new accessibility features for Xbox during the Xbox Accessibility Showcase. According to the company’s announcement during the showcase, Xbox will make accessibility easier for games. Games in Microsoft stores for gamers with disabilities will have accessibility attribute tags.

With this feature, players with disabilities will be able to find out if the game includes the features they need before purchasing or downloading the game. The tags are currently available in the Microsoft Store for Xbox Accessibility Insiders League members. All Xbox users will then be able to see the tags. Initially, 20 accessibility tags will be supported. Players will be able to see tags such as Narrated Game Menus, Single Stick Game and Input Remapping, etc.

What Are the New Xbox Accessibility Features?

Tags are generally prepared for the problems most frequently reported by players with disabilities. Players had to do their own research to figure out which games were right for them. With these new features, Xbox aims to make it easier for disabled users to find the game they can play. It was difficult to find games with certain features in the store if the games were not specifically mentioned on developer websites or reviews.

With the new features, game publishers will also be able to link to additional information from the store. The tag system will launch right now in the Microsoft store. Afterward, the tag system will also launch on, the Xbox Game Pass app, and the Xbox app on PC. In addition to the tag system, an Accessibility tab will be added to highlight games with accessibility in the Microsoft store. In addition, you can find games listed by audio or audio accessibility in the store. The company achieves this by adding the “Accessibility Spotlight” option to the store.

The name of the Ease of Access section in the Xbox console menu will be changed to Accessibility. In this way, the company wants to make this section easier to find. The company says the tags are recognized by the Gaming & Disability community. In addition, Quick Settings and enhanced color filters for Xbox Series X/S are coming. With Quick Settings, you will be able to change accessibility features without exiting the game. Users who need different accessibility features will be able to change features quickly. With enhanced color filters, gamers with color blindness will be able to play Xbox games that previously did not have colorblind access. You will be able to use color filters not only in games but also in movies, applications, and menus.

Other Features Announced by Microsoft

New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced
New Accessibility Features for Xbox Announced

Microsoft also announced that it will refresh the night mode with adjustable filters. With this mod, you will have features such as adjusting brightness, dimming, and timing the controller and power button light. However, if you’re a game developer, you can also take a free game accessibility fundamentals course, which the company will launch on Microsoft Learn at the end of October.

We’ll also see the introduction of universalized speech-to-text, text-to-speech chat settings in the coming weeks. We’ll also see better cross-device connectivity and reduced standby time added to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. If you have more questions about Xbox Accessibility, you can find them here. You can also access other content on our site on the subject here.

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