How To Fix Halo Infinite Common Glitches and Issues

How To Fix Halo Infinite Common Glitches and Issues
Halo Infinite

Microsoft recently has released Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta. To celebrate Xbox’s 20th-anniversary. Halo Infinite has been liked by the majority of the players. However, Halo Infinite has some glitches and issues like blue screen errors. Glitches make some players unhappy because they cannot taste the game. That’s why we created a guide for players who encountered Halo Infinite common glitches and issues. If you are one of them, we will show you how to fix Halo Infinite Common Glitches and Issues.

No ping to our datacenters detected

When you start to play Halo Infinite multiplayer mode, you will need to wait in a queue to connect matches. Unfortunately, you can get an error message which says “no ping to our datacenters detected”. You are in the lobby. Because Halo Infinite servers try to deal with players who want to play Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. If you get this error message, you should restart the Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Common Glitches and Issues

Halo Infinite Blue Screen Glitch

The majority of players have been reporting blue screen errors, while they try to open the Halo Infinite. I want to say that I can give you a proper solution to this problem. But the problem is related to the game itself. However, I spoke with Microsoft staff, and they say that players should restart their Xbox or PC when they get this error. It may solve this problem.

Other Player Loading Glitch

While you are in the waiting room to connect matches, you may encounter a glitch that says “other player loading”. To fix this glitch, you need to restart the game. If restarting the game does not work, you should reinstall Halo Infinite.

Background Recording Performance Issues

The background recording feature in the Windows 11 can cause some performance issues while playing Hallo Infinite. Players need to enable this feature on their Windows 11 PC.

To enable the background recording feature, you need to follow those basic steps.

  • Open settings menu.
  • Find a gaming option.
  • You need to select captures.
  • You should disable the option which includes “the record of what happened”

XP Boost Glitch

While players playing the Halo Infinite may use XP Boost to gain an advantage over other players. However, sometimes using XP Boost can cause XP Boost Glitch which opens a broken dialogue box. To resolve this issue, players need to restart Halo Infinite.

Grayed Outplay Button Glitch

Grayed outplay button glitch is the most hated glitch. Because It enables the play button. The majority of people solve this problem by restarting Halo Infinite. However, sometimes restarting the game may not solve problems.

Ranked Area Not Giving XP

Halo players are used to gaining XP when they finish online multiplayer matches. However, it changes in the Halo Infinite. Sometimes Halo Infinite does not give players XP. We do not know why this happened. However, we assume that Microsoft will solve this problem with the updates.

Async Compute Crashing

Players who have AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPU may encounter quick crashes while they are playing Halo Infinite. It occurs because of the Async Compute. They need to disable Async Compute in the Video setting.

First-person animation stutter

Some first-person animations may appear to stutter at 60 FPS or higher. Currently, there is no known way to fix this.

Destroyed vehicles cause stuttering

Players standing on a destroyed vehicle will experience stuttering and desyncs. To avoid this issue, make sure you don’t jump on or walk onto destroyed vehicles.

Voice Chat Not Working Issue

The majority of players encounter voice chat problems while they are playing Halo Infinite. Solving this issue is requires a very detailed approach. That’s why we created another detailed guide about it. You can check out this link.

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