Halo Infinite Voice Chat Not Working – How to Fix it?

Halo Infinite Voice Chat Not Working - How to Fix it?
Halo Infinite Voice Chat

How to fix Halo Infinite voice chat problem? Here’s how to make sure that your teammates hear you.

Halo Infinite dropped on November 15th and it has been a blast since then. The game is available on Xbox Series X|S and also on PC via Steam. The legendary series has returned with the most recent title and it has received a great reception with thousands of positive reviews.

That said, like many new games in their first week, it did not come without problems. Recently, players have been reporting that the voice chat in Halo Infinite is quite problematic. Most players are unable to hear their teammates through voice chat, which is a crucial part of online gaming.

Halo Infinite Voice Chat Settings

Whether you are not able to hear your teammates or they can’t hear you, the voice chat bug in Halo Infinite is very easy to fix. Before we move on with other fixing methods, let’s make sure that the voice and audio options are correct.

  • Head to the Settings button located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select Settings and head to Audio.
  • Find the Communication options.
  • Find Voice Chat Input Device and make sure that the chosen device is the one you are using.
  • Find Voice Chat Mode and enable it as it is disabled on default.

After you change your settings, jump into another match to see if you can hear your teammates. If it is still the same and you are unable to hear them, restart your game to see the effect.

Disable Other Audio Devices

Although it is a bit strange, some players recommended a different method where you need to disable other audio devices. Whether you are using them or not, disabling them through audio settings might prove useful.

Xbox Game Bar Settings

If you are on PC, head to Xbox Game Bar settings and go to Audio options. Make sure that the chosen device is the one that you are using. You can also use a push-to-talk button to communicate with other players in the game.

Wait for a Patch

All things aside, Halo Infinite has just landed on Xbox consoles and Steam. So problems like these are commonplace in games that are in their early days. While we wait for a patch, the team behind the popular title will look into it for sure. You can try the methods above in the meantime.

While platforms like Discord are much better when it comes to communication in online gaming, most titles have a built-in voice chat system. As players are not able to jump right into Discord with every match, voice chat allows teammates to organize plans and give bits of info to each other.

That’s why it is quite important to be active in voice chat by warning your teammates and giving them a heads up. If you want to get the upper hand against the enemy team, your team needs to be in constant cooperation. And when problems like the one in Halo Infinite voice chat occur, the experience you get from online matches can be frustrating. You can check out the Halo Infinite – Multiplayer Season 1 trailer below!

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