Here’s What You Need to Know About Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Here's What You Need to Know About Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Guide

Halo Infinite is nothing similar to other online first-person shooters. Here’s what you need to know about Halo Infinite multiplayer. Prepare your Spartan in harsh battles.

Halo Infinite has launched just a couple of days ago with its multiplayer mode. The game has received a great reception from the players and it is currently gathering up new players as well. While the fans of the long-running series are having a blast in the multiplayer mode, there are also a huge amount of new players enjoying the online matches of Halo Infinite.

Forget About Battlefield or Call of Duty

Halo Infinite returns with the classic 4 vs. 4 matches that you might remember from Quake. The latest member of the long-running FPS series does not only preserve that classic approach to the first-person genre, but it also offers something new that makes it unique. Unlike Battlefield or Call of Duty multiplayer, Infinite refuses to be a generic FPS.

That said, whether you are an experienced multiplayer gamer or a casual online FPS enjoyer, you might need a heads up before jumping right into the game. After all, a Spartan is always prepared.

Halo Infinite Guide

Here's What You Need to Know About Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Always aim for the enemy shield first.

Shields are essential in taking your enemy down. Aim for the shield first to get a kill.

Play the Weapon Drills and definitely have a go at the Tutorial.

Weapon Drills and Tutorials are strongly recommended even though you are an experienced Halo gamer. As humanity’s finest warriors, you need to know how to use your equipment efficiently.

Use the voice chat.

Make use of the built-in voice chat system of the game. Communication is key when it comes to online games. It is also crucial in Halo Infinite.

Watch your shots.

Watch where you are shooting especially when you are aiming for the shield. Your bullets are highlighted when they touch the enemy shield. This should give you an idea about the shield’s current status.

Swap before reloading.

Swapping is faster than reloading. When you are in risky combat, swap your weapons instead of waiting to reload.

Make use of your threat sensor.

Threat Sensor is such an amazing item that you can use in order to gain the upper hand. Use it to highlight the enemies on your HUD. You can also stick it to an enemy player to track them on the map.

Deflect incoming shots with your Repulsor.

When used correctly, your repulsor can deflect incoming shots. It is also possible to send yourself into the air.

Use your grapple to pull weapons or enemies.

Grappleshot is an amazing gameplay mechanic that increases mobility. Though you can also use it to pull enemies or weapons.

Adjust your controller settings for the optimal experience.

Have a look at your controller settings to ensure that everything’s working fine and the key bindings fit your preferences.

Pick your weapons wisely.

Different maps require different sets of weaponry. Make sure that you are equipped with the best weapons for the game mode.

Note that you can drop your weapons for your teammates.

You can drop your weapons for your teammates when they are in need.

Have an eye on the radar.

Always watch the radar to track your enemies even when you are not in combat.

Use melee attacks in close quarters.

Do not underestimate the power of a solid Spartan elbow hit. Attack your enemies with melee in close quarters.

Look for enemies with electrical waves around them.

This means that their shields are down and it is the best time to attack.

Do not go solo and play for the team.

Although this might change in different game modes, always try to move with your teammates as they will protect you when your shields are down.

Well, that’s it. Here are some useful Halo Infinite tips and tricks to cover the basics of the multiplayer mode.

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