Hideo Kojima Reportedly to Sign New Deal with Microsoft’s Xbox Consoles

New rumors from Microsoft and Xbox coming for inspired Hideo Kojima, have been close to a new deal for the video game, splitting from long-standing Sony partner.

Reports were initially shared by Venture Beat, which reveals that Hideo Kojima is now talking about exclusive solutions with Microsoft. The host of The XboxEra Nick Baker shared that, while Kojima wanted to pursue his relationship with Sony and PlayStation after the Death Stranding game. Also, Sony looking for new opportunities instead to go in a separate direction due to the negative feedback and sales for the game.

Nick Baker said that Google and Stadia both wanted to collaborate with Kojima, something we never never learned before. The same was proposed in relation to Google and Kojima in a paper earlier in 2021. But this relationship still fell, possibly because of the improvements made by Google in creating its own Stadia applications.

If it is all to be believed, it appears that Kojima has found himself working on his new title in conversations with Xbox. Although Xbox may not have been the business to which it first put out the latest concept, I imagine that Microsoft has already had a great time cooperating with the developer of Metal Gear Solid games.

In general, be aware that none of these facts have been fully checked and take all that is currently included in a grain of salt. However, if Hideo Kojima will finally collaborate with Xbox in the future, we might learn more about it later in 2021. However, the negotiations between Xbox and Kojima are just rumors, but people looking to work together obviously should be on the lookout for more updates coming soon.

While it has been said that the contract between the two sides may not yet have ended, it seems that things will move rapidly in that direction. Another insider of the Xbox now has detailed information about that secret deal.

New on Xbox This Week: April 2nd, 2021

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List of Websites for Xbox News and Updates (2021 Guide)

Xbox News – The Top Sites to Follow

If you are a fan of Xbox, you need to be following these websites for the latest up to date news and features from around the globe.

While there are thousands of websites covering game news and Xbox, we tried to make this like purely sites that focus most of their content covering out favorite console. This will be an up to date comprehensive list. Please let us know if we are missing any publications.

It is important to keep up to date with Xbox news and see opinions from gamers, streamers, critics and enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

The reasons why you should bookmark these sites:

  • Know what games are being released
  • Xbox and Xbox Series X|S game guides
  • Xbox news and drama straight from the source
  • Deals and sales on games and gear
  • Game screenshots
  • Developer interviews
  • Ideas to start your own blog
  • So much more

 Core Xbox 

Description: Core Xbox covers news, offers analysis, and shares deals for all things Xbox. And yeah, there’s some fun stuff in here, too. The site was born out of my desire to cover what I want, which means you’ll see everything from the biggest stories rocking the world of Xbox to silly bits about Xbox refrigerators.

Xbox Wire (Xbox.com)

Description: Official Xbox news and information in English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The Direct 

Description: The Direct is the top site for breaking news, rich visual content, and deep reviews on pop culture franchises.

The Xbox Hub

Description: Having been Xbox gamers from 2002 when the original big black box hit the UK, taking in all the 360 years and now being overly excited for the One, we could never find a place that would only cover the interesting, exciting stuff from the world of Xbox. Hence, TheXboxHub was born.

Pure Xbox

Description: Xbox Series X|S News, Xbox Reviews, Screenshots, Videos for all things Xbox.

Generation Xbox

Description: Your home for all things Xbox.

Xbox Status (Official Site)

xbox status site

Description: Check the Xbox status page for up to the minutes details on the status of Xbox features and functionality. Such as account and profile, online safety, store, friends, sharing, devices, multiplayer, cloud, support, games, apps and more.

Xbox Achievements

xbox achievements logo

Description: A complete one-stop shop of everything Xbox. Offering up-to-date Xbox Series X achievements, news, reviews, achievement guides, previews, interviews and more.

Xbox Store Checker

Xbox Store Checker

Descripion: Compare and find the best price for Xbox One games on foreign Microsoft Store like Russian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil and other countries.

Thank you for making it to the end of our round up of Xbox websites. Please contact us if you run a similar site and want to be added to the list.

Xbox Tavern

xbox tavern

Descripion:  A fully independent Xbox dedicated site, bringing you the latest reviews, features, interviews and more.

Thank you for making it to the end of our round up of Xbox websites. Please contact us if you run a similar site and want to be added to the list.