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Dead by Daylight gives away half a million Bloodpoints to all players

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Gunduz Dogan

Dead by Daylight is giving away 500,000 Bloodpoints to its users for a limited time due to its 5th-anniversary event. Do not forget to collect these bloodpoints until 15 July.

Gameplay of Dead by Daylight

A group of survivors must escape a vicious killer determined to sacrifice them to the “Being”. The perspective of the survivors is played in third person, while the perspective of the killer is played in first person. The survivors are not left empty-handed. They can use perks, items, or obstacles against the killer that are used throughout the map and have the ability to stun the killer. Obstacles and tools include wooden pallets, windows, and items that can be found inside chests, as well as equipment owned before the escape begins. Survivors use these items to escape the killer as much as possible and survive.

Also, another task of the survivors is to repair five of the seven generators scattered across the map in order to activate the exit doors. Next, they must open the exit doors and run out of the area. Or, they must find an escape hatch to jump in. It takes 80 charges to repair a single generator. Normally, one charge equals one second in-game. However, the game also has benefits and toolboxes that speed up the charging speed.

Dead by Daylight on Xbox
Dead by Daylight on Xbox

5th Anniversary Event of Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight‘s fifth-anniversary event will run until July 15. These rewards, which can only be collected for up to 2 weeks, include Crown Pedestals and Anniversary Crowns. Along with it, players will also be able to unlock new outfits, cosmetics, and talismans. They designed for certain characters in the game. Besides, to make the event even more festive, confetti lanterns, medicine kits, toolboxes, and special loading areas will also be offered to users.
After the event is activated, users will be able to receive 500,000 bloodpoint gifts when they enter the game. 9,000 Iridescent Shards will be awarded for the first 7 days. Dead by Daylight is presenting the event live right now, and gives away Bloodpoints, if you don’t want to waste time, run to the game and claim your gift. Don’t forget that you have until July 15th. Have fun!