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Xbox Night Mode Has Finally Arrived and Here’s How It Works

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

The tech giant Microsoft is finally adding Xbox night mode. Fans have been asking for this feature for years.

According to the reports coming from Xbox Insiders Program, Microsoft added a Night Mode which allows users to make customizations in brightness levels. The new feature also includes the option to dim the screen alongside a blue light filter. Xbox console owners will also be able to change the brightness level of the buttons on their controllers.

Xbox Night Mode Guide

Furthermore, users will be able to customize the LED brightness of their controllers with many other options with a schedule. With this feature, Xbox night mode will be activated during sunset and will be disabled during the day. Here’s how to enable Xbox dark mode when the feature finally lands on the consoles:

  • Access the Guide menu via the Xbox button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Preferences in the menu.
  • Choose Night Mode and open the options screen.

On this tab, you will find schedule settings alongside screen brightness. You can also adjust the level of dimming to create the most suitable preset for your viewing experience. Disabling HDR is an option as well so that that nothing is too bright for your eyes during late hours. You can also watch the video below to understand how the mode works.

The video shows that even the brightness level of the controller’s power button is adjustable. This is actually very crucial when it comes to gaming at night as the bright power button of Xbox can be quite distracting.

As mentioned earlier, the mode is currently being tested with Xbox Insiders Program. It will definitely hit the consoles in the future after Microsoft completes the tests and ensures that everything works fine. Though we are sure that it is definitely a life-changing feature that the fans have been asking for years.