A Closer Look on Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox

A Closer Look on Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox
Nacon Pro Compact Controller

Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox joins the team. The Nacon Pro Compact Controller is a compact, smaller than average game controller and wired controller for your Windows 10 computer or Xbox game console.

The features of the Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox are actually clear from its name. The tool offers a number of matching features through an app. It’s also smaller than standard game controllers. This controller is suitable for Windows 10 computers and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. This $49.90 game controller attracts the attention of the players.

A Closer Look on Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox
A Closer Look on Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox

Small but Impressive

Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox is smaller than average gamepads but its features are impressive. This controller is noticeably flatter than the Xbox Wireless Controller. Although the widths of the two remotes are almost the same, the handles of the Nacon controller are shorter. Although it’s a bit small for users with large hands, more elegant players may prefer to hold this controller over a standard Xbox controller.

The Pro Compact also has a detachable dongle so your gaming rig won’t fall off if you trip over it. This lock is connected to a 10-foot cloth-wrapped USB cable. The Pro Compact looks the same as standard Xbox controllers. There is a directional pad, two analog sticks, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, as well as Menu, View, and Guide keys on the controller. There is also a 3.5 mm jack input on the top of the controller. This jack input is suitable for headphone use and provides Dolby Surround sound quality. In addition, if you download the Dolby Atmos application to your PC or Xbox, the remote is automatically paired. In this way, you will save a $15 expense to use these features.

Customize Your Pro Compact

On the back of the Nacon Pro Compact for Xbox, there is a small switch button to change the usage modes. The first use mode of the controller is classic mode, and in this mode, the controller is in the form of a standard Xbox controller. In the other mode, you can edit the remote as you feel comfortable.

While it is better for most people to use it as a classic Xbox controller, the fact that the controller is customizable also attracts many players. You can change the vibration settings of the remote, you can change the analog keys. If you are interested in different Xbox controllers, you can also check out this article.

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