Phil Spencer Talks About DualSense and Xbox Controller

Phil Spencer Talks About DualSense and Xbox Controller
Xbox Wireless Controller

Phil Spencer talks about Xbox Controller and also praises PlayStation’s DualSense. The Head of Xbox says that the Xbox controller might receive updates in the future. Before we get started here, we suggest you check out the PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X if you are looking for a nice option.

The Head of Xbox praised the work behind PlayStation‘s brand new controller DualSense during an interview. Spencer said that they are planning to come up with new features on Xbox controllers.

He also added that they were thinking about developing new devices that add a different value to more games. In this context, the Head of Xbox believes that Sony did a good job with DualSense as the controller utilizes the haptic feedback technology, allowing the player to feel almost every movement that happens in the game.

The haptic feedback feature analyzes the player’s actions and transfers them in form of senses. A sword clashing in the game is reflected through the controller.

Another example is the adaptive trigger feature that allows the player to feel the pressure on a certain weapon’s trigger. This characterizes every weapon in the game and offers a quite immersive experience. The most recent example to it was Call of Duty: Cold War.

With that said, Phil Spencer highlighted that the Xbox controller might receive changes in the future. Spencer said that they are planning to go in a similar direction as Sony did with DualSense. Though he did not make any specific comments about the controller and what they are planning.

Yet again, it is good to hear that the team behind the Xbox controller is planning to make changes. Although the rounded design of the Xbox Wireless Controller and its overall aesthetics seem always great, improvements are always essential. And being able to feel the actions that take place in the game also sounds wonderful.

Some of Xbox Series X|S owners said that Xbox should have designed a much different controller. Though the tech giant tends to stick to a product design for a long time.

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